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Sometimes, it feels like children’s clothing is one size fits all. Stores tend to have limited options, and loud prints or cartoon characters cover most of your choices. And while these choices might be good for a few hours at a park, they don’t give your child a ton of options for looking nice. This is why I’m always on the lookout for children’s boutiques with carefully curated products to match our family’s style.

By finding a place that hand-selects styles you love, you’ll always have a place to go before any event. The Red Wagon Boston is one of the best places when it comes to kids’ clothing. The trademarked sweaters, thoughtful toys, and adorable dresses are guaranteed to help your child look their best no matter what. 

About The Red Wagon in Boston

Since The Red Wagon was founded over 25 years ago, it has specialized in keeping East Coast kids outfitted in the best styles. Suzy O’Brien opened the shop as a way to provide classic styles for modern kids. Currently, the shop resides on Leonard Street near the Belmont Center. Before the store reopened here in 2021, it enjoyed a long tenure in Beacon Hill. 

While the location may have changed, the quality has not! The store prides itself on its knowledgeable and friendly service. When you walk in looking for a product, you’ll be greeted by an employee dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need. They can explain the most popular toys, help you pick out an outfit, or assist you in putting together a gift that the recipient will love. 

The Red Wagon has labeled itself a “click and mortar shop.” Their physical location has a variety of goods you can see in person. Since the store moved, they have had limited hours that can vary by week, so check the website before stopping by! If you can’t make it up to their physical location, be sure to check out their website for additional sizes and styles. 

If you find a piece you love but don’t see your little one’s size, don’t worry. The website allows you to sign up and be notified when the shop gets your size back in stock. The Red Wagon website also gives you 10% off your first order when you sign up for their stellar email list! 

Mom and dad hold up and play with their toddler daughter along a river in a park


Since The Red Wagon opened, kids all over Boston have fallen in love with their adorable sweaters. These marvelous sweaters are made with 100% Peruvian cotton and have roll necks. The knits incorporate designs and themes for your little one’s unique personality. You can find their trademark lobster sweaters, patriotic American flag sweaters, and hockey sweaters to help you cheer on the Boston Bruins. Many of the sweaters include Boston-specific slogans and designs and come in a variety of colors. 

The Red Wagon also has an adult section that gives you the ability to match your little one. These fantastic themed sweaters are an excellent choice for holidays or family pictures. Because the sweaters fit short and boxy, the website advises that you size up and roll up the sleeves if needed. By going with a larger fit, your little one will have a cozy yet stylish piece they can wear again and again. 

On top of their sweaters, the shop has clothing that will keep your little one cool in the summer. Their rompers have delicate patterns in soft and breathable fabrics. Like sweaters, many of the clothing comes with themes. Your child can find shorts with golf bags, dresses with hydrangeas, tulle skirts with construction trucks, and shortalls with sailboats. Many of their designs are timeless, with sweetly colored plaid and gingham designs. Whether your family’s style is traditional, preppy, trendy, or all of the above, this shop will have something for you!

The shop has a beautiful selection of pajamas that share similar themes to the other clothing. Many of their pajamas have zippers that make late-night diaper changes a little easier. You can find nautical patterns, odes to New York, shamrock prints, and more. With The Red Wagon, your child will always be dressed to impress, from mornings in the park to bedtime storytime!

A couple holding hands walks across an ornate park bridge while playing with their toddler girl the red wagon boston


While the shop is known for its clothing, its toy selection will surely win over any kid. The teethers are built out of silicone and will help your baby through the painful teething stage. The rattles are perfect for throwing into your diaper bag. They are designed with soft knits and animal shapes to entertain your little one. 

The shop has wooden toys made from non-toxic materials. Additionally, they encourage imaginative play. From pretzel cars to airplanes, your child will absolutely adore these keepsakes. The book section includes classic touch-and-feel stories for smaller babies and city and themed books for toddlers. You’ll love cuddling with your child and reading these well-loved stories repeatedly. 

The Red Wagon has name trains for the perfect baby shower gift. Each letter rests on a different car and is an adorable nursery display. The letters are wooden with a magnetic base that secures to the top of the car. When you order through the shop, they’ll do their best to alternate the colors of the letters. You can also choose neutral letters that will match any theme. 

New parents stand under a willow tree while holding their toddler daughter who plays with the branches the red wagon boston

The Red Wagon Boston

If you’ve been searching for unique children’s styles for any season, I think you will adore The Red Wagon Boston. This legendary boutique has tons of options for keeping your kiddos forever well-dressed! 

As a motherhood photographer, I love being there for my clients, whether telling them about my favorite stores or taking pictures I know they’ll love for years to come. I specialize in providing a laid-back atmosphere resulting in stunning, genuine photos. Whether you’ve been thinking about getting maternity photos to celebrate this season or want to take family pictures with the entire crew, I have you covered! Contact me today so we can book your session.

Mom and dad hold up and play with their toddler daughter along a river in a park

The Red Wagon Boston for Uniquely Cute Children’s Items

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