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Sometimes, the path to parenthood is paved with struggle. There’s nothing more maddening than feeling like you’re trying everything only for the test to be negative yet again. Not only is it personally devastating, but dealing with infertility can be incredibly isolating. It is hard to fight for years only to watch seemingly everybody get what you want. If you’re in the midst of an infertility battle, the good news is you have options. Some centers can help you find success while showing compassionate care. If you feel it’s time to call in the professionals, I would love to tell you about Brigham Fertility Clinic. This unrivaled clinic offers top-of-the-line care to get you one step closer to parenthood. 

About Brigham Fertility Clinic

For years, the general medical community’s approach toward women’s health has been…well…less than great. Between providing sensationalized healthcare and just ignoring any problems altogether, it’s been hard to get the assistance we really need. Thankfully, some of the major health providers in the nation have worked to correct this. 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is the perfect example. The center came to fruition in 1980 after merging three different Harvard-affiliated hospitals. The cutting-edge healthcare synonymous with Harvard shines through Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The network serves patients all across New England at multiple locations and includes more than 1,000 exceptional care providers. 

The fertility clinic features some of the best doctors to help you achieve your goal. Staffed by physicians, nurses, social workers, embryologists, practice assistants, and medical care assistants, you can trust your team every step of the way. The clinic is a Harvard teaching hospital, providing a wonderful mixture of experienced professionals and the most brilliant up-and-coming minds. While infertility is a struggle like no other, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best treatment throughout. 


When you enter into treatment for infertility at Brigham, you’ll meet a physician who will be with you throughout the entire process. One of the first things you’ll do is perform an infertility evaluation. Both a man and a woman can undergo this test to try to determine what’s at fault. The ultimate goal is to receive a diagnosis so you know the best path moving forward. 

IVF & Surrogacy

There are multiple options for treating infertility; your doctor will help you decide on one for your family. One of the most common methods is in vitro fertilization (IVF). You’ll receive multiple medications to help produce eggs during this treatment. Next, eggs are collected from the ovaries using an ultrasound. These eggs are mixed with collected sperm for fertilization. Health professionals then place the embryos into the uterus with a catheter. This is the most effective course of treatment for most couples experiencing infertility. If male infertility is partially to blame, the center can pair IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for a better chance at success. 

Brigham Fertility Clinic offers gestational carrier services as another course of treatment. This is commonly referred to as surrogacy. Through this process, IVF is performed to fertilize an egg. They then place the embryo into a gestational carrier. Whether you’re using a trusted friend or a paid volunteer, medical staff will thoroughly examine your surrogate to ensure they’re a good match. 

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Ovulation Induction & IUI

For women struggling with ovulation, the clinic offers ovulation induction. This is helpful for women facing common issues such as PCOS, lack of periods, diminished ovarian reserve, or unexplained infertility. Through this process, you receive oral or injectable medications to encourage the ovaries to produce eggs. These medications help make ovulation a little more predictable. Because this process often encourages the ovaries to produce more than one egg, ovulation induction tends to result in pregnancies with twins or multiples. 

Intrauterine Insemination (or IUI) is another frequently used method. This can be helpful for conditions such as endometriosis or mild male infertility. Through this method, the sperm is specially washed and prepared before being injected into the female partner. A medical professional can also do this using healthy sperm from a donor. 

Brigham Fertility Clinic is there to help you understand more about your body. They provide genetic testing and counseling. You can receive a diagnosis for reproductive disorders as well as surgery to fix this. The center also provides tubal ligation reversals and testing for recurrent pregnancy loss. Their goal is to provide unending care until you get the desired result for your family. 


Brigham Fertility Clinic understands that not everybody is ready to be a parent just yet. The center offers fertility preservation to give you plenty of options for the future. They offer elective egg freezing to give you the best chance at conception. Because the quality of eggs decreases significantly after age 35, this tends to be a common option for younger women. 

During the process, you’ll receive injections of fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries. Then, you’ll be placed under anesthesia at an outpatient facility while the eggs are retrieved. While it’s not uncommon to experience a little bit of discomfort following the process, the amount is minimal, and you’ll have pain medication. The center will help determine how many eggs you should freeze for future expectations. They’ll preserve them for as long as you need. 

The center also provides fertility preservation options such as embryo freezing for patients facing radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancer. You can have the comfort of keeping your future options open while you take care of yourself as needed.  

Brigham Fertility Clinic

Infertility can be one of the most deeply frustrating experiences. While it might feel lonely, there are people dedicated to helping you through it. If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant, it’s time to call Brigham Fertility Clinic. Their compassionate experts are ready to help you achieve success. 

As a family photographer, I’ve been there with parents who have worked long and hard to meet their little ones. My personal goal is to be there to celebrate you and support you however possible. I’m known for my calm demeanor and my laid-back photo sessions. If you’ve considered booking some photos, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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Brigham Fertility Clinic for Your Journey to Parenthood

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