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Giving birth at a birthing center offers an alternative to the clinical feel of major hospitals. Birth centers provide family-focused care, have a wide array of amenities, and are often designed to mimic the comforts of home. At these facilities, midwives often work collaboratively with a team of medical professionals to provide us moms the highest level of care. These six birth centers in Massachusetts offer unique services and amenities to expectant families. They strive to make parents feel welcomed and cared for through all stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond.

Just a note for transparency: Unfortunately, Massachusetts has very few freestanding birth centers (i.e. birth centers that are not on a hospital campus), so I’m also including some birth centers affiliated with hospitals. I have noted below which centers are free-standing and which are hospital-based.

Six Birth Centers in Massachusetts To Assist The Birth You Want

Seven Sisters Midwifery

74 Maple Street

Florence, MA 01062

Seven Sisters Midwifery is one of the top birth centers in Massachusetts where women of all ages and backgrounds can love where they receive their medical care. The Seven Sisters’ birth center is free-standing and independently run by nurse midwives. Seven Sisters Midwifery offers friendly, personalized care to meet each client’s unique needs. This family-centered care welcomes all birthing parents, regardless of race, orientation, or identity. 

Services at Seven Sisters Midwifery include prenatal care, access to the free-standing birth center, water birth, gynecological care, contraception, preconception counseling, fertility services, lactation support, and postpartum care. The midwife team includes Ginny Miller and Kirsten Kowalski-Lane, seasoned local midwives who have delivered a combined total of over 4,000 babies! Each midwife has over 15 years of experience in her practice.

The free-standing birth center is located in the Florence Village area of Northampton. This makes it easy for Western Massachusetts families to access quality, patient-centered care as they welcome their new little ones into the world. The Massachusetts birth center is a warm, welcoming, home-like environment where families can feel comfortable and safe. Midwives believe in patient-focused care, empowering moms and others as they bring their children into the world. Patients are more than just a time slot here, and the care goes beyond clinical issues. Patients feel like part of the family at Seven Sisters Midwifery.

little boy in grey overalls laughing in a chair

North Shore Birth Center

85 Herrick Street

Beverly, MA 01915

North Shore Birth Center has been operating since 1980 as a free-standing Massachusetts birth center that provides holistic, personalized health care through a team of experienced midwives to low-risk women. 

The team of midwives at this birth center in Massachusetts believes that care should be tailored to every patient and pregnancy. Considering that person’s unique health history and emotional concerns that might arise during pregnancy and delivery. The whole person is cared for at North Shore Birth Center.

The birth center is quiet, peaceful, and family-friendly. Families can access a full kitchen, living room, garden, and deck. Midwives support the birthing person as labor progresses and offer non-medication forms of pain management. Midwives also operate out of Beverly Hospital, committed to the same minimal-intervention method for labor and delivery. 

parents laughing with their young son while holding their newborn Birth Centers in Massachusetts

Cambridge Birth Center

10 Camelia Avenue 

Cambridge, MA 02139

Cambridge Birth Center is an excellent option if you want to give birth in a comfortable, home-like setting right next to a hospital. The Cambridge Birth Center is a beautiful place in Massachusetts for pregnant people with low-risk pregnancies to have babies because it is a comfortable, intimate setting. Amenities include a jacuzzi, family room, kitchen, living room, garden, and children’s play area. Families are welcomed into the pregnancy and delivery process as much as possible. 

During labor, patients are free to move around the home and garden areas, making them more comfortable and natural. Patients are supported by a warm, friendly midwife who understands their unique needs and intimately offers patient-focused care. 

The Birthplace

Salem Hospital

81 Highland Avenue

Salem, MA 01970

The Birthplace at Salem Hospital offers patients compassionate, family-focused care by experienced staff. A staff committed to making labor and delivery a memorable experience where mothers feel supported and empowered. Care is provided by a team of obstetricians, anesthesiologists, nurses, neonatologists, and certified nurse midwives. They work together to care for each family’s unique needs and preferences. Patients with low-risk pregnancies can deliver at Salem Hospital. At the same time, mamas with high-risk pregnancies can also access care through Massachusetts General Hospital. 

The Birthplace offers complete family-focused care through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Above all, the health and safety of all families are a top priority. Five private labor and delivery suites are designed for comfort, safety, and support. Additionally, the rooms include a pullout chair for the support person, jacuzzi tubs, and birthing balls. Pain relief options are available for patients during labor. In addition, midwives can help us navigate natural childbirth with minimal or no interventions. 

mom holding newborn baby and details of the newborn's feet Birth Centers in Massachusetts

The Birth Center of Anna Jaques Hospital

25 Highland Avenue

Newburyport, MA 01950

The Birth Center of Anna Jaques Hospital is a 12-bed birthing unit offering Massachusetts moms and their families the best possible care as they welcome new children into the world. This hospital consistently scores high in patient satisfaction, and a team of competent, compassionate staff also makes each patient feel right at home. 

Every patient is guaranteed a private room for labor, delivery, and recovery with access to the best quality care for you and your baby. Services include anesthesiology, neonatology, and a wide range of providers who support patients’ personal choices about birth. Overnight accommodations are also available for the mother’s support person. This birth center also hosts a variety of classes and support groups on topics such as childbirth, parenting, sibling preparation, and breastfeeding. 

little boy talking to his parents and newborn sibling

Family Life Center for Maternity at Mercy Medical Center

271 Carew Street

Springfield, MA 01104

Mercy Medical Center’s Family Life Center for Maternity provides expert care for new moms in the community through exceptional care by attentive, friendly staff in a welcoming, home-like setting with plenty of amenities. Additionally, the team includes obstetricians, nurse midwives, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, nurses, and lactation consultants. 

This birth center has 16 beds, a great alternative to larger, overwhelming facilities that feel more clinical than welcoming. Above all, this birth center offers patients a comfortable, family-centered environment where patients feel supported from labor to postpartum recovery. Laboring options include birthing balls, hydrotherapy, and nitrous oxide. Private suites include accommodations for the mother’s support person. The Family Life Center for Maternity also has various family classes, including childbirth preparation, parenting, sibling preparation, and breastfeeding. 

Birth Centers in Massachusetts

Giving birth at one of these six birth centers in Massachusetts is an excellent alternative to giving birth in a standard hospital room. For families experiencing low-risk and healthy pregnancies, delivering at a birthing center can be a memorable, empowering experience. So check out these birth centers today to find the birth that is right for you.

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Giving birth at a birthing center offers an alternative to the clinical feel of major hospitals. Birth centers provide family-focused care, have a wide array of amenities, and are often designed to mimic the comforts of home. At these facilities, midwives often work collaboratively with a team of medical professionals to provide us moms the […]

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