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There’s a whole lot that goes into preparing for your baby. From picking out a dreamy nursery theme to researching all the gear for your family’s nursery, this time is full of constant planning. And while all these things are important, there’s no decision you’ll make that’s nearly as big as where you decide to deliver. This choice will determine every part of your birth experience. By picking your hospital, you’re deciding on the professionals who will be there to help through your delivery, the environment where you and your baby will recover, and the technology available should your birth not go exactly as planned.

If you’re currently trying to find an exceptional center for your child’s birth, I would love to tell you about the maternity department at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Massachusetts. This wonderful hospital is here to ensure you have the birth experience that’s best for your family. 

About Holy Family Hospital in Methuen

Holy Family Hospital is a medical center founded through the Steward Network. The network is committed to providing affordable and accessible health care to families across the United States. The physician-owned company offers empathetic care for patients regardless of their economic status. They’re intentional when assisting underserved areas and strive to ensure every patient is treated with the dignity they deserve. 

Holy Family Hospital is a full-service hospital with 310 beds available to its patients. The hospital has won The Leapfrog Group Top Hospital Award for three years for its dedication to patient safety and treatment quality. The center offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care and surgical and emergency treatment. 

On top of providing excellent physical care, the center offers patients spiritual care through their chaplains. It allows you to request a chaplain from your own religious practice. The professionals offer visitors translation services free of cost to ensure everyone receives the assistance they need. 

The maternity department offers a large team of compassionate experts and a Level II Special Care Nursery staffed by MassGeneral for Children physicians. The experts help deliver over 1,200 babies every year. Your team will be there for you from the beginning of your pregnancy through the postpartum stage. You can tour the center at 70 East St. in Methuen.     

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The experts at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen offer comprehensive care before your pregnancy even begins. The hospital offers a vast team of OB-GYNs who will provide annual exams, answer any questions, and help you get your pregnancy off to a fantastic start. 

Once you get that positive pregnancy test, you’ll begin to receive regular appointments while creating your birth plan. The site’s doctors will be there for everything from scheduling the necessary lab work to answering all of your late-night questions and concerns. They’ll work with you to ensure you feel ready when your delivery starts. 

Your Birthing Options

Whether you’ve always dreamt of a natural birth or prefer a delivery where you get an epidural ASAP, thank you very much, the hospital has options! The birthing center is up-to-date and has received national recognition for its patient satisfaction rating. When you arrive after your contractions start, you’ll be placed in a private room so you can give birth in a peaceful environment. The rooms offer sleep chairs for your support person, televisions, Wi-Fi, and comfortable birthing beds. 

Additionally, parking is free for your family. The hospital provides patients with jacuzzi tubs for a natural form of pain relief. On top of their cozy environment, the hospital offers some of the best providers around. The hospital has specialty-trained experts to ensure you can receive care tailored to your needs. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists will attend high-risk pregnancies. 

Following delivery, you’ll be placed in a new, private room with a cradle so your baby can remain by your side. The nurses are trained to answer all your questions and will ensure you feel ready to take on any newborn care. Lactation consultants will stop by and ensure you have the support you need should you choose to breastfeed. Once you head home, you’ll receive a call from the nurses so they can check in on your progress. 

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The hospital’s Level II neonatal nursery will ensure your baby has any additional care they might need during those first few weeks. The hospital partners with Brigham and Women’s Hospital practitioners, and their newborn care specialists staff the nursery. Their expertise, paired with the latest technology, gives your baby the best tools available for their recovery.  

Having a baby takes a lot of preparation, both physically and mentally. The hospital’s childbirth classes are here to prepare you for every part of your delivery. Their comprehensive courses offer flexible schedules, so you can easily fit them into your schedule. Their Lamaze classes will connect you with parents with a similar due date, and you’ll have the ability to add on a free breastfeeding course. You’ll review different birthing methods, breathing techniques, relaxation, comfort methods, anesthesia options, medications, and positions. 

They’ll also discuss potential medical interventions and what you can expect throughout the postpartum stage. On top of their childbirth classes, the hospital offers specialty classes, including sibling preparation courses, breastfeeding courses, and CPR training for your friends and family. They have a refresher course so parents can ensure they have renewed information for their upcoming delivery. 

Holy Family Hospital in Methuen

If you’re searching for a compassionate birthing center that understands your family’s needs, check out Holy Family Hospital in Methuen. This fabulous hospital is here to give you the birth experience that is right for you! 

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