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The first few months after your baby is born should be a joyful time. It feels like every week carries something brand new. But you have the privilege of witnessing your baby grow into their very own person. For many women, however, this stage can be clouded by postpartum depression and anxiety. While baby blues can be expected throughout the first few weeks, postpartum mood disorders can last several years. They prevent you from fully enjoying the newborn stage.

While we get better about awareness, there are still a ton of barriers keeping new moms from getting help. In particular, the help they actually need. If you’re battling with postpartum depression, I would love to tell you about the Mass PPD Fund. This exceptional organization was formed to provide parents with the support they need.    

About Mass PPD Fund

Today, postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders are the top complications following pregnancy. Mass PPD Fund was started in 2018 to connect new parents with local resources to give them support for combatting mental health struggles. The organization was started by Jessie Colbert, a seasoned professional who has spent years working on fundraising for nonprofit organizations, as well as leading groups such as the Ellen StoryCommission. Jessie is joined by mental health counselors, OB-GYNs, social workers, postpartum depression survivors, and even state representatives to ensure parents have the support systems they need.

The organization is committed to providing inclusive, culturally appropriate care for new families. While they deal directly with families, much of their work is spent creating systems that will set parents up for success. They provide scholarships and offer training to providers so they can be prepared to help patients who might be struggling. Throughout the pandemic, they led the way, creating virtual Group Peer Support to combat the growing isolation parents were feeling. They concentrate much of their efforts on underserved communities to ensure everyone has access to their life-saving work. Their goal is to create a system that allows each parent to flourish in every single way. 

Mass PPD Fund partners with community-focused groups to make sure no parent is forgotten. They pair up with organizations such as the YWCA, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, March of Dimes, and Cape Cod Children’s Place Inc.. Their work has been sponsored by Mass General Brigham, Massachusetts Foundation, and Point32Health. By working with such respected groups, they’re able to reach more people and ensure postpartum mental health is prioritized in these spaces. 

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Mass. PPD Fund is a group founded for both new parents and professionals. If you find yourself struggling following the birth of your baby, you can head to their site, where you’ll find a large list of resources dedicated to providing you with assistance. The website has FAQs that will let you identify the different symptoms of perinatal mood disorders, explain what can cause them, and how you can get help. 

You’ll have access to hotlines as well as mental health professionals. Most importantly, the organization offers support groups. Mass PPD Fund has coalitions throughout the state that will let you connect with other parents in your area. Whether you prefer to meet in person or need a virtual group, you’ll be able to chat with professionals and fellow parents who will listen to your concerns and respond with compassion and understanding.

These groups meet about once a month. However, many have a Facebook group that allows you to continue conversations outside of the sessions. You can also find a number of different support groups that deal with more complex issues. From pregnancy loss to breastfeeding support, the groups are ready to give you a space where you can freely share your concerns with people who have experienced similar situations. 

Mass PPD Fund Changing The System

The organization understands that the best way to enact change is to create a system that understands how to address common struggles. They provide tons of scholarships for additional education. So providers will know how to treat patients in crisis. These opportunities are available to counselors, therapists, social workers, and others. The organization also works to get professionals connected with support groups. By placing experts into these spaces, they’re able to provide families with a platform. As well as resources that will help them improve. 

In addition to these opportunities, Mass PPD Fund offers training for professionals. Including doulas, midwives, medical assistants, and community health workers, to improve access to mental health resources. These training programs focus on providing inclusive care. They bring in BIPOC voices and teach professionals how they can ensure every member of the community has access to exceptional care.

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Every year, Mass PPD Fund throws an event called “Flourishing.” The first event was held in 2019 as a way to speak to parents while celebrating their journey so far. Since then, the organization has held an annual conference where they bring in survivors, mental health professionals, and other inspiring people to tell their stories. They show you how you can build up resources in your community. 

If you want to make a systematic change, Mass PPD Fund has the tools to help you do it! The organization will connect you with people who are working for legislative change. During this session, they’re improving mental health, giving parents access to breast pumps, expanding midwifery care, working to get kids out of poverty, and much more.  

Mass PPD Fund

If you’re struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, remember: you’re not alone! While these struggles tend to make you feel isolated, there are professionals out there ready to get you on the path to healing. You deserve to get help and fully enjoy motherhood! With Mass PPD Fund, you’ll have access to professionals and support groups so you can build up your village and receive compassionate care. 

As a motherhood photographer and a mom myself, I adore getting to chat with parents and provide them with ways to have an easier parenting journey. I love getting to use my camera to freeze time and give you gorgeous memories. So you can hold onto these early years forever. If you’ve been considering booking some portraits for your growing family, then let’s connect! So you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started.  

A mother to be stands in a park path along a river in a grey maternity dress smiling and holding her bump with help from mass ppd fund

The Mass PPD Fund Lives For Supporting New Moms

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