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One thing you hear again and again throughout pregnancy is how beneficial it is to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can help you bond with your baby, decrease your chances of a mood disorder, increase your baby’s immunity, and lower their chances for lifelong diseases. Plus, it’s cheap and convenient! Of course, none of this really matters when you’re having trouble with nursing. While breastfeeding might be a natural process, most parents struggle with it at one point or another and need a Cambridge lactation consultant.

With factors like tongue tie, insufficient supply, improper latching, and clogged ducts, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and it’s hard to troubleshoot it when your baby will barely stay awake on the job. Lactation consultants will provide expert assistance by viewing a feeding and working with you to formulate a plan for success. If you’re determined to breastfeed but need a bit of help, I’d love to tell you about four of the best places to find a Cambridge lactation consultant.

Get The Help You Need With A Cambridge Lactation Consultant 

Quiet Moon Care

Quiet Moon Care is a Cambridge center founded by lactation consultant Wilberthe Pilate. For her entire career, Wilberthe has been dedicated to the wellness of new families. She started out as a nurse in 2014 before becoming an international board-certified lactation consultant in 2019. She continues to work within hospitals but has established Quiet Moon Care as a spot where she can cater exclusively to postpartum families. In addition to her lactation consultations, she works as a postpartum doula to lend support to parents following labor. 

She offers non-judgmental lactation support for parents as they breastfeed. While she’s there to provide assistance with any struggles, she’ll also be there to lend advice if you could just use some extra encouragement. She’ll work with issues such as positioning, latching, engorgement, tongue tie, nipple shields, poor weight gain, and more. She offers different levels of support. You can meet with her virtually as well as in person. Her prenatal package will ensure you feel prepared for the initial feedings following delivery. Quiet Moon Care works with many insurance companies and accepts HSA/FSA cards. 

A mom laughs while sitting in a large chair with her newborn baby and toddler son cambridge lactation consultant

Boston Lactation

Boston Lactation is a practice operated by Heather Bingham. Heather became an international board-certified lactation consultant in 2008. As a mother herself, she adores assisting families as they work through the challenges parenting a newborn tends to bring. Heather assists the greater Boston area and will drive to you if you’re around 30 minutes from Arlington. 

Heather offers both in-person and telehealth Cambridge lactation consultant appointments. Throughout your appointment, you’ll go over your baby’s birth, discuss their feeding history, and talk about any concerns you might have. Heather will observe a feeding and offer pointers throughout. She weighs the baby before and after the session so you can understand the intake. From there, she’ll write out a plan so you can work toward a solution together. She provides follow-up messages that ensure the plan is working. 

Heather will assist with common breastfeeding issues, bottle feeding, mixed feeding, pumping, and more. She can provide both prenatal and postpartum assistance. She’ll help you establish a routine for your baby to assist with mealtimes. While she can bill some insurance companies directly, most companies will reimburse you for her services. 

Sharla Lloyd Halperin, MPH, IBCLC

Sharla Lloyd Halperin has a world of professional and personal experience and uses it to assist families as they breastfeed. She’s a postpartum doula, a midwife student, and has received her MPH from Boston University School of Public Health. On top of all this, she’s a certified Cambridge lactation consultant who will use evidence-based information to help you find real solutions for any struggles. She adheres to the guidelines put forth through international public health organizations and stays up to date on the latest research so she can be sure she’s giving you current advice. 

Sharla works to give you every chance at success. She’ll inform you of your rights to breastfeed according to the law. She provides job site lactation services and will help you improve your workplace’s pumping space. Before your baby is born, you can choose both private and group prenatal courses that will leave you feeling prepared to nurse. Following delivery, she can assist with common breastfeeding struggles. Shara will meet with you both in person and through video. While she will bill several insurance companies directly, she’ll provide a superbill for others so you can get reimbursed. 

A mom in a blue dress stands in a studio cradling her sleeping newborn baby against her chest

The Boston Area Lactation Connection

The Boston Area Lactation Connection is a Cambridge practice started by Kira Kim, a certified lactation consultant and clinical herbalist. On top of her certifications, Kira has studied out-of-hospital midwifery care. Her mission with her work is to help women reconnect with their bodies. She’s constantly researching so she can provide you with the latest information. 

Kira has a cozy office where she provides consultations in person. She also provides limited at-home consultations for patients within a 20-minute radius of Malden. You can get started before your baby is born with her prenatal consultations, where she will help you feel primed for breastfeeding. She offers visits to fit you for the best flange for your pump. You can also visit for any issues you might be having breastfeeding after your baby is born.

She’ll go over your medical history, perform an evaluation of your baby, formulate a care plan, and send over all the information you need following your appointment. She encourages scheduling a follow-up appointment less than 6 months from the original appointment. If you don’t need a full visit, you can book a quick virtual conversation. She also provides email consultations. She offers a superbill that you can submit to your insurance agency for reimbursement. 

Cambridge Lactation Consultant

Troubles with breastfeeding can feel downright devastating. Remember to give yourself grace and make sure you are prioritizing the well-being of you and your baby. And if you’re determined to keep going on your breastfeeding journey, check out these wonderfully compassionate Cambridge lactation consultants.

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