6 Cambridge Doulas to Ensure a Positive Birth Experience!

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You have spent the past months dreaming about your baby, and now, it’s finally time to meet them. Chances are, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into what you want this experience to look like. And because birth is so vulnerable, it can be traumatic when that control is taken away. Cambridge doulas have gained popularity because they act as advocates and help parents take control back in their delivery experience.

They’ll work with you to create a birth plan and be by your side to help you see it through. They will also make sure your voice is heard within the delivery room, no matter where that is. If you’ve been looking for someone who will be there for your labor, I’d love to tell you about the best Cambridge doulas. From birth doulas to postpartum doulas, they’ll make sure you have the help you need! 

Six Highest-Rated Cambridge Doulas With All The Support You Need

Doula Jessie

Doula Jessie is a birth and postpartum doula devoted to helping parents prepare for their little ones. Jessie Ornstein has been working as a doula since 2016 and added prenatal yoga classes in 2018. Jessie has worked hard to curate a small business to make sure her clients always come first. Her belief is that all people deserve to have control and be respected through every part of their pregnancy and birth. 

When you sign on for care, Jessie will give you two prenatal visits. These are to talk about your expectations for pregnancy so she can help you create a plan. Throughout your entire pregnancy, you’ll have unlimited phone support. She’ll be by your side throughout delivery and will make sure your birth plan is honored. You’ll also have a postpartum visit. 

Nightingale Midwifery

Nightingale Midwifery was founded by Susanna Mauzy to make sure you have exceptional care for every aspect of your pregnancy. While Susanna works primarily as a midwife, she adores serving families as a birth doula. She works with families within 40 miles of Arlington, Massachusetts, and brings normalcy to the birth world. 

Susanna works with every Cambridge family, no matter their birth doulas preference. She’ll be there for everything from hospital births to home births. She has spent years providing inclusive care for nearly every kind of birth family situation. You’ll get 2-3 prenatal visits where you’ll discuss all concerns and go over comfort techniques. As you near your due date, she’ll go on call so she can be with you throughout your delivery. She’ll work with you to establish breastfeeding and provide a postpartum visit. 

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Entera Doula & Childbirth Education

Entera Doula & Childbirth Education was founded by Teresa Vittorioso-Fortin, a doula with nearly two decades of experience. When Teresa picked out the name, she wanted to represent the comprehensive care she provided. “Entera” is the Spanish word for “complete,” and you’ll see this come through in every part of her care. While she does provide standard, run-of-the-mill doula services, she’s worked with families through every imaginable outcome. She serves families within a one-hour radius of Billerica. 

She provides a number of different packages so you can find the services that work best for you. Whether you need a consistent guide through your entire pregnancy or just want someone to comfort you throughout your labor, she’ll be there. She also provides postpartum doula support to get you through those sleep-deprived early months. Additionally, she can encapsulate your placenta as well as make a tree of life. She offers inclusive care for all families and is fluent in Spanish. 

Baby Bean

Baby Bean was started by doula Emily Newberg. While Emily may not have received her professional certification until 2016, she has spent her entire life with a passion for pregnancy and delivery. She absolutely adores getting to support families by helping them make choices that work for their families. Cuddling adorable babies is just a bonus!

Emily provides doulas care for all Cambridge birth preferences. She’ll help you whether you choose a home birth or want an epidural the second you burst through those hospital doors. She’ll make sure you feel prepared for every part of your delivery. Emily strives to make sure parents are fully equipped for parenthood. She’ll help you prepare your nursery, work with you to pick out the best gear, and teach you how to prepare siblings. Once your baby is born, you can rely on her for her incredible postpartum doula services. Whether you need emotional support or overnight care, she does it all!

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Capstone Doulas Services Cambridge

Becky Coluntino was inspired to start Capstone Doula Services following the birth of her own children. She had worked for over a decade as an occupational therapist before seeing firsthand the lasting effects of pregnancy. She wanted to make sure parents had the care they needed, from assisting with birth to helping them find postpartum healing. 

Before your delivery, she’ll spend three hours answering all your questions using evidence-based information. During your delivery, these Cambridge doulas provide comfort measures and ensure your plan is honored as much as possible. She works as both a sibling doula as well as a postpartum doula. For those who might need to work with a physical therapist for their pelvic floor, Becky will connect you with a network of fantastic specialists. 

The Birth Co.

At The Birth Co., She-Tara L. Smith considers it an honor to serve families. She loves getting to be there to provide emotional support, whether you need a cheerleader or a shoulder to cry on. Her goal is to make sure that every person gets to have the birth experience they’ve always wanted, and she’ll create customized care to make this happen. 

You can choose a Cambridge Doulas package that gives you 1-2 prenatal care visits. You’ll tell her all about your past experiences so she can tailor her services accordingly. During your labor, she’ll provide vocal support, offer massages, and help you find different comfort measures. Beyond her birth doula services, she works as a childbirth educator, a sleep consultant, a lactation consultant, and a postpartum doula. Essentially, for any help you need for your pregnancy, She-Tara provides it! 

Cambridge Doulas

With the right doula, you can have the birth experience you’ve always wanted! Check out these Cambridge doulas so you can take control of your delivery.

If you’re currently making your birth plan, don’t forget to plan some pictures! I’m a Boston-based photographer, and I positively love working with families to make sure they have gorgeous memories of this time. I know from experience that the newborn months can feel a bit like a haze. I create relaxing photo sessions so you can have beautiful portraits of this time without all the stress. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your little one, let’s connect so you can decide if we’ll be a good match!

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