6 Fantastic Massachusetts Midwives Providing Birth Support!

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When you’re pregnant, there’s a good chance you already know what you want for your delivery. And unfortunately, there’s an even greater chance that total strangers will tell you their opinions of these choices. At times, it feels like there’s a special gravitational force in your baby bump that attracts all sorts of unwanted advice. While it’s certainly tempting to take all your advice from your neighbor’s uncle’s cousin’s sister, finding a professional you can trust to answer all your questions is never a bad idea.

Massachusetts midwives are wonderful because they can devote more time to open and honest conversations during each appointment. This way, you can block out the sweet, sweet whispers of the What to Expect message boards in favor of care tailored to your unique needs. If you’re looking through Massachusetts midwives for your delivery, I’d love to highlight a few of my favorites! 

6 Massachusetts Midwives Providing Knowledgeable Services for A Customized Birthing Experience

Nightingale Midwifery

Susanna Mauzy started Nightingale Midwifery to empower parents throughout their delivery. When Susanna is not providing midwifery services, she’s working as a doula to offer emotional support. She provides inclusive care for all families around the greater Boston area. Her primary focus is ensuring each parent gets to make the best decisions for them.

You’ll start your care with a free consultation where you can discuss your needs and see if she’ll be a good match. From there, you’ll regularly see her for 60-minute-long appointments. She orders ultrasounds and does all blood work herself. Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll work to create your birth plan, and she’ll be there to see it through! Susanna specializes in home births and will help you prepare your space ahead of time so you’re ready for labor.

Roots Midwifery

Roots Midwifery is a Black-owned center started in Boston by Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie comes from a long line of midwives and has always said the practice is in her blood. In addition to Stephanie, birthing experts, including doulas, lactation consultants, and placenta encapsulation specialists, run the center. 

While Stephanie specializes in home births, she provides multiple packages that include hospital birth support. Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll meet with her for regular appointments and receive comprehensive care. You’ll receive childbirth education courses as well as prenatal lactation consultations. You can rely on the vast Roots community if you add to your birth team. As you progress through pregnancy, Stephanie will walk you through all your delivery options and ensure you approach your due date with absolute confidence!

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Embrace Midwifery

Embrace Midwifery is an agency that serves Central Massachusetts for its reproductive care. The center comprises nurses and midwives who strive to create a positive birth experience for their clients. They go above and beyond to offer inclusive care and have Spanish-speaking nurses to reach more families. On top of prenatal visits, the midwives provide gentle gynecological care. 

At Embrace, the midwives specialize in home births. You’ll meet with your midwife at the office from the beginning of your pregnancy. This care will transition into your house as you enter the third trimester. Your midwife will check your progress and ensure your home is ready for labor. They’ll help you secure equipment, including a birthing pool. You’ll have nitrous oxide available to you, and following your delivery, you’ll have immediate postpartum care.

River Valley Midwives

River Valley Midwives is a Western Massachusetts midwifery center stationed in Northampton. Jharna Harvey Ahmai, a midwife with over three decades of experience, started the center. She has helped parents across the globe with their deliveries and now works in Massachusetts, providing individualized care. 

Jharna focuses primarily on home births. You’ll begin your care with a free hour-long consultation before signing on for full-time care. You’ll receive all your midwife visits from the comfort of your own home. She’ll connect you with hospital-based nurse-midwife practices for blood work or ultrasounds. Jharna has built up a trusted team and ensures two midwives are at every delivery. She’ll work with you to prepare your house for labor and take care of clean-up after your baby is born.

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Greater Springfield Midwifery

Greater Springfield Midwifery was started by Kristin Brennan, a midwife who has been practicing since 2015. Kristin has studied under various midwives, including Jharna Harvey Ahmai. She credits all her knowledge to the wisdom and guidance of her mentors. She now works to serve the greater Springfield area alongside her midwife-in-training, Laconia Fennell. 

Greater Springfield Midwifery focuses on home births. From the first appointments, Kristin will answer any questions and make sure a home birth is the best choice for you. During each visit, she’ll have an open conversation while measuring your baby’s growth. She will help you prepare your house for birth and get you the necessary equipment, including a birth tub. During labor, she’ll help you move between positions, provide unconditional support, and ensure your perfect birth experience.

Seven Sisters Midwifery

Seven Sisters Midwifery is a freestanding birth center in Florence, Massachusetts. The center is staffed by a team of midwives, allowing you to find one that suits you perfectly. They employ additional specialists, including pelvic floor physical therapists, lactation consultants, and nurses. They’ll assist with anything from prenatal care to regular gynecological visits. 

The staff does all visits and deliveries within the birth center. They’ve curated a space that provides a comfortable atmosphere to see you through every aspect of your birth. While they do much of the testing in the office, they rely on the Baystate Medical Center for advanced ultrasounds. The center provides large tubs if you choose to have a water birth. Following your delivery, you’ll stay at the center for a few hours and bond with your baby while your midwife ensures you’re on the path to recovery.

Massachusetts Midwives

By finding the right midwife, you can block out all the other opinions and instead focus on having the happiest and healthiest delivery for your family. With these Massachusetts midwives, you can count on exceptional care throughout your pregnancy!

If you’re working on creating a birth plan, don’t forget to schedule some pictures! I’m a Boston-based photographer and positively love helping families have gorgeous memories of precious time. I work hard to create a soothing experience that results in stunning images. If you’ve been considering booking a session to celebrate this season in life, let’s connect so I can tell you about my process. Contact me today to find out more!

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