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Pregnancy and childbirth are incredibly intimate experiences. The people who join and support you on your journey should be invested in getting to know you, your partner, and your journey! When hiring a midwife or doula to guide you through your journey to parenthood, finding the right person can transform how you experience this amazing phase of life. In the Arlington area, Nightingale Midwifery’s Susanna Mauzy is thoroughly committed to getting to know you and your ideal birth plan, so she can better serve you – either as a midwife or a doula! Read more about her beautiful business right here. 

About Nightingale Midwifery

Certified Professional Midwife Susanna Mauzy owns and operates Nightingale Midwifery. After being enthralled by a birth culture discussion in a Women’s Studies class while attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Susanna became fascinated by the world of childbirth. She loved the idea of someone giving every bit of their strength and power to bringing their baby into the world. She knew she had found her calling. 

Cut to today, where Susanna’s work as a midwife and doula has helped so many families in the greater Arlington area. 

Her philosophy is that “every birthing person has the right to make their own choices regarding their body and their birth.” She helps to provide each of her clients with evidence-based, unbiased information throughout pregnancy and birth so that they can make informed decisions regarding their birth experience

After all, every birth is unique and incredible, individualized based on the desires and needs of the family. Susanna’s job is to help address questions and concerns, monitor wellness and progress, and lend her expertise to your baby’s grand entrance into this beautiful world! 

Mom and dad kiss as their newborn baby girl sleep in her crib in the nursery by a window nightingale midwifery


It isn’t often that you find a midwife who is also a doula. Susanna is a remarkable individual committed to serving birthing families in any capacity she can! 

She provides the Arlington and Boston area with home birth services as a midwife. Unlike a hospital birth, which may or may not be assisted by your physician if they aren’t on call, home birth is a truly one-on-one experience. So your time with Nightingale Midwifery starts with getting to know and trust Susanna as she gets to know you and your partner! This mutual sense of respect and camaraderie helps to provide the safest, most fulfilling, and most empowering birth possible. 

Susanna provides comprehensive prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, including:

  • discussions about optimizing nutrition,
  • ways to stay healthy, and
  • any other emotional or physical concerns that may arise.

She’ll check your baby’s heartbeat and ensure they are growing strong. Susanna also monitors your blood pressure and ensures you stay healthy. She can prescribe ultrasounds and lab work as needed to ensure she has all the info needed to confidently assess your and your baby’s wellness. 

Once you reach 37 weeks, Susanna will be totally on call for you! As soon as your labor becomes active and consistent, she and her birth assistant will assist you in your home, ready to track vital signs and monitor you and your baby’s heart rate. You’ll receive plenty of comfort and emotional support throughout your labor and delivery and the reassurance that you are in capable and experienced hands! 

Your Baby’s Arrival

Once your baby has arrived, Susanna and her assistant will hang around for a few hours to:

  • make sure everything is going okay,
  • everyone has been fed (including you and your partner!), and
  • you are ready to take the time to rest. 

Plus, they’ll ensure everything is clean, so you don’t worry about a mess while bonding with your new baby. You’ll see Susanna the day after you give birth, 3-5 days later, and then the following week, just to make sure you are healing properly and that baby is thriving. 

Two golden retrievers look on as a newborn girl lays swaddled in her crib looking at the dogs nightingale midwifery


As a doula, Susanna will guide you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. She’ll be your reference for all things pregnancy and baby-related. While she won’t be providing medical advice (that falls under the jurisdiction of a midwife), she’ll help you get your questions answered by your providers and help you decode the answers once you have them. 

You can hire Susanna as a doula for your birth regardless of where you plan to deliver. She has served as a doula for home, hospital, and birth center births. She’ll help support you in whatever decisions you make regarding your experience, including your choices regarding pain medication. 

You’ll have two or three prenatal appointments in the comfort of your home. Hence, you can get to know each other and review your initial wishes for your birth! She’ll also discuss different comfort techniques that may be most helpful for you and any emotional or physical challenges you may face. 

Once you go into labor, Susanna will offer techniques to keep you rested in the early stages and ways to keep your mind clear and focused. As your labor begins to pick up, or whenever you feel ready for her support, she’ll join you at home or wherever you plan to deliver. Throughout your birth, Susanna may:

  • offer encouragement,
  • suggest ways to move or rest, or
  • use tactile comforts like cooling you down with washcloths and running warm water over your back or belly. 


  • help you understand any suggested interventions,
  • help you decide when it’s ready to head to your place of delivery, or
  • listen to you as you process your emotions.

Whatever support you need, physically or emotionally, Susanna will be present and ready to bring her expertise to your experience. 


In addition to midwife and doula services, Susanna helps people care for their bodies. She can provide personalized, holistic care like physical, breast/chest, and pelvic exams. 

She also helps parents-to-be working on starting their families with insemination services to help them get pregnant. If you have a specific question regarding services, reach out to her and see if it’s something she can provide! 

Nightingale Midwifery

If, after reading this, you think Susanna may be just the person to assist you in your birth experience, be sure to check out the Nightingale Midwifery website to schedule a consultation! You’ll soon see why she’s one of the best in our community and why so many other families have trusted her to help bring their babies into the world. 

So are you ready for more Boston motherhood content? Then check out the blog links below! But before you go, let’s chat about your dream photo session!

Two golden retrievers look on as a newborn girl lays swaddled in her crib looking at the dogs nightingale midwifery

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