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Pregnancy is an exciting time filled with rapid change and growth. There are apps devoted to showing you the size of your baby by comparing them to anything from fruits to French bakery products. They don’t tell you how hard it can be for your body to go from carrying un petit macaron to un grand gâteau within a few short months.

This is why you need a professional trained in treating your body with the care it needs. Similarly to having a specialist who checks on your baby’s progress, you need someone who equips your body for the pregnancy journey. If you’ve been considering seeing a prenatal chiropractor Boston, I would love to tell you about some of my favorite offices in the city. 

Six Incredible Prenatal Chiropractors In Boston To Ease Your Aches And Pains

The Boston Wellness Group

The Boston Wellness Group is here to provide care for every family member. Dr. Chris Quigley, a chiropractor with over thirty years of experience, started the center. The center has gained an excellent reputation for its assistance with car accident injuries. Still, they focus on a wide range of specialties, including pregnancy. These Boston prenatal chiropractors focus on safe treatments for every trimester.

Their treatments will not only help you with the added weight of a baby but can also help alleviate common symptoms such as nausea and back pain. The adjustments can also assist in lowering labor times by preparing your body for delivery. They will also work to position your baby in the last trimester. The chiropractors are also there for the postpartum stage so you can give your body the best help in the recovery process.  

Active Recovery Boston

Boston is known as a destination for those who want to push their body to the limit. Active Recovery was created to treat yourself to well-deserved recovery following long, extensive training for endurance sports. It only makes sense that they would also focus on treating people undergoing the most intensive endurance sport of all: pregnancy. The center focuses on soft tissue repair to help common ailments such as headaches and back pain.

Your prenatal chiropractor will work with you through each trimester to reduce myofascial restrictions by teaching joint mobilization techniques. These techniques can help with pelvic floor balancing, sciatica, and common pregnancy pain. Their postpartum programs are beneficial for treating pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, hip and chest pain, and “adoring mother” pain in the wrist, arm, and forearm. The team will pay special attention to lymph and scar tissue from your delivery. 

A pregnant mother and her husband play with their three kids in a park path in all matching beige and brown clothes Prenatal Chiropractor Boston

High Touch Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Santipadri, an expert with nearly twenty years of experience, started High Touch Chiropractic. The office is trained in a variety of different techniques that will leave your body feeling fantastic. High Touch’s philosophy is to treat chiropractic services as a blend of art and science. As a result, they will use the best techniques to offer you personalized care. The Boston prenatal chiropractor center prides itself on providing natural care for women throughout their pregnancy.

Their unique treatments were created to help the brain connect better with the rest of your body. They’ll treat back pain by correcting any potential misalignments. These treatments can reduce nausea, stabilize hormone levels, reduce headaches, and more! The services are safe and designed to give your body the assistance it needs for the tiring months of pregnancy. With their services, your pregnancy is guaranteed to be significantly easier on your body.

Copley Chiropractic

Copley Chiropractic is an office full of chiropractors deeply passionate about the science after experiencing the benefits themselves. The team uses evidence and well-researched techniques to provide you with the best help. The office has received great reviews based on its personalized attention and dedication to helping its clients reach optimal health. The prenatal chiropractor services have been formulated to help with the unique needs of this season.

They look at how pregnancy affects the body through weight gain and your shifting gravitational center. They’ll then provide you with a treatment course designed to relieve back pain. Through treating this, you’ll find relief from common pregnancy ailments, including leg cramps and constipation. You’ll also help your body be on its way to a shorter delivery with fewer complications. 

The Brookline Chiropractor

Chiropractor Jeffrey Bernstein started the Brookline Chiropractic Center. Jeffrey got into chiropractic studies after a back injury that left him incapacitated for days. When hospitals couldn’t help him, he decided to turn to a chiropractor. After receiving a treatment that put him back on his feet, Jeffrey dedicated his life to this specialized science. For over 34 years, he has worked tirelessly to provide Boston families with the exact help he received years ago.

At the Boston prenatal chiropractor office, they understand how many of the difficulties throughout pregnancy start with a misalignment of the spine. They’ll use specialized adjustment methods to help with any sciatica. By receiving continued treatments throughout your pregnancy, your body will not only feel prepared for labor, but you’ll also be able to transition effortlessly into the postpartum period. 

A mother to be in a beige dress and tan sweater holds her bump while standing in a green grassy field Prenatal Chiropractor Boston

Wholesome Healing Chiropractic

Wholesome Healing Chiropractic is a practice started by Dr. Lizzie Sobel after realizing the difference chiropractic care had made in her life. After suffering from regular headaches throughout childhood, she began to receive chiropractic services that finally provided her with a form of relief. Today, she uses similar techniques to help families all across Boston.

Her Boston prenatal chiropractor treatments provide a holistic approach to health that can relieve back pain and other common pregnancy symptoms. Her techniques also will help prepare the pelvis, position the baby, and help you relax. On top of prenatal services, Dr. Lizzie provides pediatric services to help your baby resolve nursing issues, relieve constipation, and begin recovery from traumatic birth experiences.    

Prenatal Chiropractor Boston

If pregnancy has been absolutely taxing on your body, it might just be time for an adjustment. With any of these expert options for a prenatal chiropractor in Boston, your body will have the help it needs for anything pregnancy can throw at it. 

As a Boston-based family photographer, I love giving my clients recommendations nearly as much as I love providing gorgeous photos of the milestones in their life. If you’ve been considering getting maternity or newborn photos taken, we should connect! Contact me today to find out more.

A mother to be in a beige dress and tan sweater holds her bump while standing in a green grassy field prenatal chiropractor

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