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There’s a lot that goes into parenting, from the five thousand pieces of necessary baby gear to the seemingly hourly onesie changes. It always feels like we’re cycling through, trying to find the next big thing to make motherhood easier. And while, yes, we will find those unexpected items that do change our lives (I’m looking at you, NoseFrida), the constant searching tends to generate a lot of waste and costs endless amounts of money. That’s why I’m all about products that allow you to make parenthood a bit more sustainable. Cloth diapers from Diaper Lab Cambridge do precisely this.

By taking an item that covers a shockingly large area of landfills and making them something you can use again and again, you’re saving the earth and money. And who couldn’t use that right now?! If you’ve been curious about cloth diapering, I would love to tell you about my friends at Diaper Lab Cambridge and how they’re here to change your life. 

About Diaper Lab Cambridge

Salina Gonzales Frazier never set out to use cloth diapers, much less revolutionize the business. The process started in 2007 when her daughter kept getting diaper rash. Eventually, Salina found out that the painful sores resulted from an allergy. Disposable diapers contain the chemical SAP, and while this may be harmless for most babies, for others, it leaves them with limited options and excruciating pain.

Salina also became increasingly frustrated with the environmental impact disposable diapers had. She began to research her options but quickly found there were few choices and limited information when it came to cloth diapers. Her family experimented with brand after brand, amassing knowledge by scouring websites (in 2007! The era of Ask Jeeves and Myspace!). They used their children as experiments and discovered what worked and what didn’t.

Soon, the parents were total experts on cloth diapers. In 2008, they began a home-based business offering diaper consultations to desperate parents. Within several months, they had their own spot within a local baby boutique, and by the end of the year, they had their retail shop. 

The shop relocated to its current location in Davis Square in 2013. Diaper Lab Cambridge now has the most extensive selection of cloth diapers across Boston. With many cloth diaper brands, passionate staff members, and helpful workshops, this store has become a staple for parents seeking a more sustainable and baby-friendly option for all their diapering needs. 

Dad happily holds and looks down at his newborn while sitting in a chair diaper lab cambridge

Cloth Diapers

Let’s face it. Disposable diapers, while handy, create a whole lot of waste—each year in the United States alone. Four million tons of diapers are thrown away, with 80% of those buried in landfills. Plus, as Salina found out, disposable diapers can create some seriously bad diaper rash, and the infection sometimes won’t go away. Cloth diapers change this entirely by giving you an option you can use again and again. Plus, cloth diapers help kiddos get the hang of potty training a bit easier since the material helps them feel when their diaper is dirty.

Diaper Lab Cambridge is full of brands that make transitioning to cloth diapers much less intimidating. The shop sells newborn diapers, all-in-one, swim, and pocket diapers. You can find colorful and bright designs that appeal to any interest. The shop sells all sorts of accessories, including pre-folds and flats. And the store sells every brand, from Rumparooz and Luladew to Thirsties and Tots Bots. 

If that entire last paragraph gave you a headache, don’t worry. The store has consultants ready to break it down and teach you everything you need about cloth diapering. They’ll explain the different types of diapers and walk you through the brands so you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your family. At Diaper Lab, you don’t have to worry about being subjected to a boring sales pitch. The employees are genuinely excited about helping you down the journey of cloth diapering and want to make sure you’re completely set up for success. 


The shop sells every accessory needed to help you with this process. You can get wet bags that will hold your dirty diapers when you’re out on the go (trust me. If your child goes to daycare, the teachers will love this). At Diaper Lab Cambridge can also find pail liners that contain the mess until laundry day. The shop sells a diaper sprayer that will attach to your bathroom and clean out any solid waste before it goes into the washer.

You can also find detergents and dryer balls that will make your child’s diapers feel fresh and soft. And suppose you’re not ready to make the complete transition into cloth diapers or want an option for when you’re out and about. In that case, the shop sells eco-friendly disposable diapers that will give you convenience without the guilt. 

On top of their fabulous diaper options, Diaper Lab offers a vast selection of carriers for babywearing. You can find many styles, from convenient Chimparoos to trusted Moby wraps. And if you’re new to babywearing, you don’t have to stress. The store has consultations that help you decide on the best wrap and teach you how to use it. 

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Workshops And Services

The workshops are one of the best parts of Diaper Lab Cambridge. The shop has experts come in and lead class sessions that teach you everything you could need to know about cloth diapering. You can also find workshops that teach you about newborn care, help you prepare for breastfeeding, and teach you first aid, so you know what to do if your baby requires CPR or begins to choke. Their consultations teach similar things in more intimate settings. You can learn from a professional how to install a car seat or troubleshoot breastfeeding issues. The shop even offers postpartum doula services to make recovery much more manageable. 

Diaper Lab Cambridge

If you’ve been considering switching to cloth diapers, it’s time to check out Diaper Lab. With a vast selection and enthusiastic professionals, the transition will be as smooth as…well…a baby’s bottom. 

As a motherhood photographer, I love giving my clients recommendations of my favorite places, such as Diaper Lab, nearly as much as I love taking stunning pictures they’ll treasure for years. I would love to connect if you’re curious about booking a session! Contact me today to find out more. 

Newborn baby sleeps on a white bed diaper lab cambridge

Diaper Lab Cambridge to Make Diaper Changing A Breeze!

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