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When it comes to pregnancy, it’s wonderful to have some control. For low-risk pregnancies, birth centers are safe alternatives for mothers. You can walk around the campus, eat snacks, and labor how you see fit. The Cambridge Birth Center through the Cambridge Health Alliance is a fantastic option for mothers around Boston. 

Pregnancy has been mainlined for the past several decades, and it feels like everything is outside our hands. But motherhood was never supposed to be this way! Throughout much of history, childbirth has been accomplished alongside a community. From makeshift birth tents on the Oregon Trail to the midwives of New England, pregnancy was treated as a regular occurrence where a mother could labor as she saw fit. While today’s medical advancements have made labor safer, it has also left women with less control over childbirth. Hospitals are a fantastic option for many mothers. Still, it tends to lead to more medical interventions and less personalized options. This is why I love birth centers.

About the Cambridge Birth Center

The Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) came to fruition in 1996. Cambridge Hospital and Somerville Hospital realized the need for a more community-centered approach to healthcare and joined forces to create this. 

Since then, CHA has acquired the CHA Everett Hospital and associated services in Malden and Revere to reach more families. CHA is a Harvard Medical teaching hospital bringing the best talent across the country into its center. 

Since its founding, it has won many awards, including being named one of the best maternity hospitals by Newsweek. The Cambridge Birth Center has also been named the 2021 Family Favorite by Boston Parents Reader’s Choice Center. 

CHA has an award-winning staff committed to high-quality, compassionate care for all. With the acceptance of subsidized healthcare, the alliance makes treatment affordable for every family. 

The Cambridge Birth Center opened over 24 years ago to provide parents with affordable and comfortable options for delivery. The row house has treated families all across Boston and has given top-quality care to women wanting more natural options for childbirth. The center paused deliveries in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Still, it continued to offer access to midwives and doulas within its walls. 

sister kissing he newborn sister on the head and the newborn sleeping


When it comes to personalized healthcare, there are few options quite like a midwife. In today’s healthcare system, doctors are often overworked. As a result, they don’t have much time to spend with you and tend to give a cookie-cutter approach to health. This is far from the case with midwives. 

All the experienced Cambridge midwives are highly trained and licensed. They can answer all of your questions and provide you with the one-on-one care you deserve. This is something I think is especially helpful when it comes to first-time parents. 

Pregnancy is frankly kind of weird, and no one body handles it the same. A midwife will be available to answer your questions and provide fantastic insight so you can have peace of mind without having to surf Google. Plus, midwives give you 24/7 access so you can call in the middle of the night with any concerns. 

Cambridge Birth Center matches you with a healthcare provider best suited to meet your needs. Your midwife will work with you to determine the best birth plan. They will sit with you and give you all of your options so you can decide on your preferences. 

mom and dad holding their newborn baby in the nursery while their other daughter plays Cambridge Birth Center

Your Personalized Delivery 

As your delivery nears, they’ll help you prepare. They’ll show you various breathing techniques and discuss forms of natural pain relief. Their goal is to ensure you feel fully ready for when the baby comes. 

Your midwife will remain by your side during your delivery and coach you through everything. They’ll ensure you stay in control and help you carry out your birth plan. 

The Cambridge midwives understand that childbirth can be unpredictable but that you might change your mind about what you want. This is why they remain adaptable and will make sure that, in the end, you have a positive experience that’s right for you! 

With the birth center, you can finish delivery in the tub. The water will not only ease the pain of labor but also let you move around to help yourself through the contractions. After labor, you will remain in the birth center for a few hours so your midwives can monitor both you and your baby and ensure you’re on the mend. 

Once they decide you’re in the clear, they’ll let you go home. No need for lengthy stays and tasteless hospital food! With the Cambridge Birth Center, you can relax in your own bed and enjoy those first few days with your newborn. 

Your care doesn’t end with labor. Your midwife will check on you after your baby’s birth to ensure you adapt well. For the next six weeks, you’ll continue receiving the same expert care you came to expect throughout pregnancy.

newborn baby girl ijn pink onesie sleeping Cambridge Birth Center


The birth center has remained open to provide top-notch prenatal checkups in a comfortable space. Forget the hospital waiting rooms and the sterile seats. With the center, you can do your visits in a warm and cozy atmosphere. 

While the birth center specializes in pregnancy and delivery, many of the midwives are licensed to provide gynecological care. Whether you need a regular checkup or birth control assistance, the midwives can provide you with quality care. You’ll quickly discover why Cambridge Health Alliance has become a trusted name for your reproductive health!

Cambridge Birth Center

With pregnancy, it’s great to have control! The Cambridge Birth Center has worked for over twenty years to empower women. Whether you choose to have delivery within their renowned birth center or prefer to use their midwives for a hospital birth, Cambridge Health Alliance has the right option for you. 

Are you looking for a photographer to capture those early memories of your newborn? I’m a Boston-based photographer specializing in maternity, family, and newborn photography. Contact me today to see why I’m the right choice regarding beautiful images you’ll cherish for years to come! While you’re here, be sure to check out more helpful motherhood resources with the blog links below!

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