Why West Cambridge Pediatrics is Highly Rated for Children!

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Choosing a pediatrician can be overwhelming. With so many doctors and practices to choose from, parents must make the difficult choice of finding a pediatrician or pediatric team to care for their child from birth through adolescence. At West Cambridge Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the pediatricians will take care of their children well throughout their lives. 

About West Cambridge Pediatrics

575 Mt Auburn Street

Suite 101

Cambridge, MA 02138

The pediatric team at West Cambridge Pediatrics believes that there are direct connections between a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Routine pediatric care can help nurture and build those connections so your child can grow and thrive. Regular checkups are essential for monitoring developmental and emotional issues that families face. Doctors at West Cambridge Pediatrics create time and space for getting to know each patient and their family. 

The medical practice is also available for sick and urgent visits, helping families avoid making the trek to the emergency room or urgent care facilities. A provider is available 24/7 to handle emergencies and urgent visits, even on the weekends. 

Doctors at West Cambridge Pediatrics are committed to providing the best care for children and their families. This pediatric practice provides patient-focused and family-centered care. Additionally, all physicians pride themselves on being professional, informed, and up-to-date on all pediatric and adolescent medicine developments. 

parents walking along a bridge with their young child West Cambridge Pediatrics

West Cambridge Pediatrics Providers

The providers include Dr. Johnye Ballenger, Aislyn Cangialose, Sara Colleary, Dr. Daniel Epstein, Greta Feinberg, Dr. Jonathan Gall, Dr. Jennifer Gill, Cindy Luthern, Erin O’Donnell, Dr. Pearl Riney, Dr. Rebecca Rossi, and Dr. Sara Teasdale. 

Dr. Ballenger has received recognition and awards from Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital for her contributions to medical student education and primary care. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Aislyn Cangialose worked at Children’s Hospital Boston before joining West Cambridge Pediatrics. Sara Colleary is a Registered Dietitian and Pediatric Nutrition Specialist who enjoys working with children and their families, addressing issues such as eating disorders, diabetes, picky eating, food allergies, and obesity. Dr. Daniel Epstein has worked at West Cambridge Pediatrics since 1990 and has taught at Harvard Medical School since 1988. All providers at West Cambridge Pediatrics have extensive experience in pediatric medicine and bring their unique expertise to the practice. 


Services at West Cambridge Pediatrics include annual health visits (newborn through age 21), chronic care coordination, contraceptive counseling, dietary and nutritional counseling, ear piercing, emotional and developmental care, immunizations for children, international travel visits, mental health care, prenatal visits, school and sports physicals, urgent care for children, vision screening, and hearing screening. 

To join the practice, parents can schedule a meet and greet or prenatal appointment with any of the pediatricians, who will talk about how the office works and their philosophical approach to healthcare. Prior medical records should be transferred over ahead of time, if applicable. Including documentation of vaccines your child has received. 

parents laughing with their child in the boston public garden West Cambridge Pediatrics

The practice separates well-child patients and vaccine patients from sick children. Healthy children and their families wait in the main waiting room. Meanwhile, sick children and their caregivers wait in another room to avoid contact with other kids. Two caregivers can attend all checkups. 

The practice handles prescription refills, including refills for ADHD medication. Parents can make a refill request online using MyChart or by calling the office during regular business hours. Prescription refills can take a minimum of 5 business days to fulfill. ADHD medications are federally-controlled substances and can be sent electronically to the patient’s pharmacy. 

Vaccinations and Labs

Providers at West Cambridge Pediatrics believe that vaccines are safe and effective and administer vaccines on the schedule published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

View any routine lab test results through MyChart, allowing parents to access the information quickly. If test results are abnormal, then the clinicians will contact the family directly to discuss the results. They will also schedule any necessary follow-up appointments. 

West Cambridge Pediatrics also offers online resources for patients on many medical and developmental topics. They also provide information and links to helpful websites for issues such as asthma, breastfeeding, child anxiety, special needs and developmental disabilities, concussion, Covid-19, seasonal allergies, food allergies, Lyme disease, medication dosing, racism, sleep, travel, viral illnesses, vomiting, and diarrhea. So whatever your little ones need, they provide the tools and resources to help. 

dad loving his daughter in a park


West Cambridge Pediatrics strives to help families avoid the emergency room and urgent care facilities. One of the practice’s clinicians is always available and on-call for emergencies, even after hours. Same-day appointments are reserved for sick or acute care visits and can be scheduled early in the morning. A clinician can help parents determine whether their child needs a same-day appointment. 

West Cambridge Pediatrics uses MyChart. This online system provides families access to medical records as well as allows them to communicate with doctors via email. MyChart also allows for medication refill requests, checking lab test results, finding immunization records, and more. The site allows patients to see health information, download health forms, and securely message their providers. MyChart also allows parents to fill out visit questionnaires before appointments to save time. 

West Cambridge Pediatrics

Finding a quality pediatrician can feel like a monumental task for parents. The pediatricians at West Cambridge Pediatrics are committed to helping children and adolescents grow and thrive throughout their lives. With a professional and friendly team of pediatricians, a convenient office location, and after-hours care, West Cambridge Pediatrics is an outstanding medical practice for families who desire patient-focused, professional care in a supportive, welcoming environment. So contact them today and start the process of being well cared for by one of the best teams of doctors in the state!

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