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Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement, and a million decisions. Seriously. It feels like every single day brings another cosmically significant choice. It can start to feel a bit too much at times. This is why I am adamant about finding a great Cambridge midwife first and foremost. Midwives are sent from heaven and are here to make your pregnancy a little bit easier.

While obstetricians tend to be confined by scores of patients and limited hours, midwives can select how many clients they can take on at any given time, ensuring you will have unrushed time with your provider to discuss any questions or concerns. And because a midwife must receive both training and experience to earn the title, you don’t have to worry about giving up quality care for much-needed attention. Cambridge has an incredible selection of midwife networks. Here are some of my favorite Cambridge midwife services catering to the area. 

4 Cambridge Midwife Services for Exceptional Pregnancy & Birth Support

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Cambridge Health Alliance

While the Cambridge Health Alliance (or CHA for short) is filled with many fantastic OBs to provide top-quality maternal care, the midwife programs are where this center truly shines. CHA Cambridge Hospital is a Harvard and Tufts teaching hospital, so you know you’re getting the nation’s top providers. 

With a long list of knowledgeable midwives, you will be matched with one who understands your needs and gives you individualized attention. CHA also has a birth center across the street from the hospital. While the center is not currently allowing deliveries due to the pandemic, the center still serves as a cozy place where expectant parents can go for appointments to receive expert care outside the sterile hospital setting. 

Throughout your entire pregnancy, you’ll have 24/7 access to your midwife. Once your baby is ready to make their grand debut, you’ll be seen at the McGovern Maternity Suite within the hospital. Your midwife will guide you through your delivery and ensure you can stick to your birth plan.

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Mount Auburn Hospital

Like CHA, Mount Auburn is a teaching hospital connected to Harvard. The midwives here marry expertise with undivided care, ensuring you feel empowered throughout your pregnancy. Your midwife will work with you during the earlier trimesters to create the perfect birth plan. 

Once the baby is ready to come, your midwife will be there, ensuring that this plan follows through. The midwives at Mount Auburn specialize in low-intervention childbirth. Early on, your midwife will talk to you about pain relief options so you can know your choices and make these decisions during labor. Because they work closely alongside the doctors at Auburn, pregnancies requiring specialized treatment receive all the oversight they need. This includes VBACs! 

While you can still use their services during your hospital birth, the midwives also work out of the Bain Birth Center, where you will receive quality care in an area where you can labor as you see fit. Whether you want to walk around the campus between contractions or enjoy a snack while bouncing on a birthing ball, Bain gives you the freedom. 

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Nightingale Midwifery

If you’re looking for a midwife who will enable you to have a worry-free homebirth, check out Nightingale Midwifery. Susanna Mauzy started the practice after she took a Women’s Studies course and saw what birth culture in America looked like. She became eager to be a part of it so she could help women make their own decisions when it came to labor and delivery. Susanna has over a decade of experience and has used it to serve families in the greater Boston area. 

While you can choose to visit her office, she will also come to you so you can have your prenatal appointments from the comfort of your couch. Susanna will work alongside you throughout your entire pregnancy, helping you create a plan for your home birth. She’ll make sure you have anything you might need and will ensure you feel prepared. 

After you hit 37 weeks, she goes on call, helping you at any point you think labor might be starting. Throughout the entire process, Susanna and her assistant will be by your side. Susanna is trained to aid you in medical emergencies. Additionally, she always travels with any tools she might need so that you can feel confident in your choice of home birth. 

Following labor, Susanna will continue caring for you and ensure you have a lifeline in the weeks following delivery. 

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Roots Midwifery

Historically, Black women have been ignored when it comes to healthcare in America. Tragically, this has led to worse outcomes for Black mothers and a general distrust of the healthcare system. Stephanie Johnson is here to reform that. 

Even before Stephanie became a certified midwife, she spent years as a lactation consultant and a doula. She comes from a long line of midwives and always knew it was the career for her. She founded Roots Midwifery as a way to give Black mothers the advocacy they need in healthcare. 

While Roots Midwifery specializes in home birth, midwives can also assist with your hospital birth. Your midwife will be there for every step, from creating your birth plan to those early postpartum weeks. You can rest comfortably knowing you have a partner to ensure you have control when delivering. Roots Midwifery also has other specialists, including lactation consultants and doulas. No matter your concern, you’re guaranteed to find help through Roots. 

Cambridge Midwife

Having a midwife who will be there for every moment of pregnancy is vital! The right midwife will ease your concerns and allow you to feel confident during this entire season. Any of these Cambridge midwife services are here to empower you throughout your pregnancy and delivery. 

Once you have the perfect midwife, it’s time to find the right photographer. I’m a Greater Boston-based photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn photography. Contact me today so we can book your session!

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mom laughing with her daughter and dad lifting her in the air cambridge midwife

Cambridge Midwife Services for Individualized Expert Support

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