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I'm Hannah

I’ve been told countless times that I have a calming presence, and it’s true (although I'm sure my husband would tell you that—at home—I have no chill, but I digress).

I'm a mama of two littles, and I used to be a chaplain, which is how I originally learned to honor stories, hold a safe space, pay attention to details, and find beauty in all of it.

I like to think that photographing others is an extension of my deep sense of awe and gratitude for those who share their stories with me. Every genuine smile and intimate moment have a story behind them. The story of the season you’re in is worth capturing authentically, and that's what I'm here for.

Enneagram 1, board certified emotional support human, coffee addict, and one cat away from being a crazy cat lady

my favorite things:


Daily Ritual

My family calls coffee "Mama Juice" because it keeps me going, but I'm picky. I like my coffee like I like my photography: worth savoring and roasted by skilled, intentional artisans. I'll take a cup of pour-over java over Dunkin literally any day of the year. 


Editing Companion

I have two beloved cats but no pictures of them together because—well, let's just say they don't play well together. But here's Catsby, always eager to assist by strolling across my laptop while I work. Minnie prefers her window bed.



I read close to 100 books per year—literary and contemporary fiction, memoirs, and pretty much anything that catches my interest.



I love plants, but plants do not love me—or maybe just our current home (which doesn't quite have as much natural light as I'd like). I keep trying.



My husband and I have been married for 10 years and 2 graduate degrees. We eventually traded in our free time for two incredible kiddos who always keep life interesting and our hearts full.


place to explore

I always say my favorite place to explore is "the next one!" If you know, you know. ;)

Let's put it this way. I'm NOT the girl you call if you're looking for pictures of dolled up, highly photoshopped newborn baby pretzels in baskets and doll beds.

If you want airbrushed, studio-perfect, everyone-smiling-at-the-camera images that make your family look the same as every other family, you're going to want another Boston-area photographer.

But if you're looking for someone who will make you laugh at horrible (like, truly horrible) dad jokes, let's chat. I will absolutely watch your angles and catch your best side, but if you give me the choice between stiff poses and soft moments, I'll prioritize the moments every time.

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