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Time speeds up when you became a parent. I often find myself wishing I could bottle up "this giggle" or "that expression," and maybe you do, too. You can't turn back time, but together we can freeze this moment in a photograph that you can look back at 10, 20, 40 years from now, only to feel that same emotion and connection you felt when I snapped that photo.

I don't believe in forcing my clients to perform for the camera, because I celebrate real love, real joy, and real emotion in the season you're in. I firmly believe that you deserve to have images of the raw, intimate moments you share with your family to look back on when the day comes for your little ones leave the nest.

As your Greater Boston family photographer, I will also help you make art out of your images so that when you're looking at that beautiful portrait on your wall 18 years from now, you'll be taken right back to the place it all started. I'd be delighted to capture the connection you share with your family so that you can not only tell, but show your children and grandchildren your (and their) story.

To learn more about doing a family session with me, please take a look at the resources below and fill out the contact form if you feel we could be a good match!

No one prepares you for how quickly your children grow up. their little hands, sense of wonder and squeals of joy are gone before You know it.

Family photographer in Boston and beyond

Having photographed quite a few family sessions over time, I've come to realize that every family has different needs and preferences, which means that I can't be the perfect fit for every single one. That’s why I prefer to connect over a brief phone call (10 to 20 minute max) before onboarding clients, just to make sure that I can provide exactly what you're looking for. There's no pressure, and it's not a test. You deserve the very best experience, and I'm here to make sure that you get it, whether it's with me or not.

We Connect

Once we've determined that I'm the right fit for your family photography session (yay!), I will send you a contract to sign, which you will return to me with a retainer, and your session will be officially on the books!


There are plenty of things that are stressful about being a parent, but your family session shouldn't be one of them. Upon booking, I will send you a guide that will help you prepare for your session, as well as a questionnaire so that I can tailor your session to your needs and preferences. I'll work with you to help you decide on a location that works for you and your family and that will also photograph well. I will also check in along the way to answer any questions that may arise and help you plan your outfits. I offer the use of my client closet to all clients, so if you're worried about finding something that photographs well, I've got you covered. I have dresses sized XS-XXL as well as options for children up to 3T.

Session Preparation

Throughout your session, I will give you some guidance and light direction on positioning, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your best angle is toward the camera. From there, I will focus on prompting your family to interact, because that's how I capture your love for one another. More than likely, your family session will be full of laughter and giggles. I tend to snap lots of candids, and if a prompt seems a little silly or awkward, it's probably meant to make you laugh. We will get some beautiful whole-family portraits, but my sessions are relaxed and focused on the "real"—I don't believe in performing for the camera, so I tend to keep everything pretty natural. My emphasis is always on connection above all else.

During the Session

After the Session

You can expect your gallery of watermarked images to be delivered via email about 3-4 weeks after your session along with a customized album design. I intentionally don't force clients into choosing what collection they want before they see the images because I only want you to purchase what you fall in love with and nothing you don't! Once you've had the chance to view your images and choose a collection, you’ll be able to download your choice of high-resolution images straight from your gallery and/or purchase additional images. In addition to working with you to perfect your album (if you decide on a collection that includes one), I can help you visualize what a canvas or gallery wall collection would look like on your wall so that you and your child can enjoy the images we capture every day as they continue to grow!

You don't want stiff, awkward posing or a photographer that barks instruction at you throughout your whole session.


You prioritize images that capture connection over posed everyone-smiling-at-the-camera photos.


You want beautiful images that showcase your connection authentically, chaos and all.


You may be an #hmacleanphotography
family if...

You may be an #hmacleanphotography family if...

I want all of my clients to have the best experience possible, so it's important to me that we're the right fit. To this end, the first step in booking a session with me is a complimentary 10-minute phone consult that gives us both a chance to determine if we're a good fit!

Are we a match?

Family Session Fee — $300
Collections begin at $700
Generational Heirlooms — Priceless

Investment Details

The family session fee covers all planning, my exclusive and comprehensive family client guide, the use of my client closet, and my time and talent. Prints and digitals are not included.

Learn more
Emily & Josh

"We are so happy with our family photos! We have three kids, two older ones who were dreading pictures and a one year old who is very squirmy. Somehow, Hannah made it fun and kept them calm and happy, all while getting wonderful pictures. Highly recommend!"

Hannah made it fun and kept the kids calm and happy.


"Hannah did the impossible and made two older teenagers and their reluctant, stressed and sometimes self-conscious mom look like they were enjoying themselves on a perfect beach day. I don't know how, but I guess that's her secret. She was able to get us laughing and take beautiful shots. I can genuinely say she made it fun."

She was able to get us laughing and take beautiful shots.

Cori & Brendan

"Hannah was able to capture the love we have for each other and our daughter. One of my favorite things about our session with her was how she was able to showcase the connection we have as a family unit. ... She of course got beautiful photos of our family smiling at the camera, but more importantly to me she caught all the little moments in between."

She caught all the little moments in between.

KenZ & Mitch

"When we got into the car after our session, my husband looked at me and said, 'that was actually really fun and felt comfortable.' We loved that we felt connected with her. She captured incredible photos, and we can’t wait to have them hanging up in our home."

Our session was actually really fun and felt comfortable.

Frequently asked Questions:

Do I have to print my images through you?

How far in advance should I book my session?

Help! I'm awkward and don't look good in photos!

How would you describe your style?

My finished images emphasize connection. Images are light with true-to-life colors that capture your family authentically. When we book, we will discuss timing our shoot to coincide with the best lighting for the session's setting so that your images will have the same style and quality as the rest of my work.

light, Clean, and connected

Do I have to print my images through you?

How far in advance should I book my session?

Help! I'm awkward and don't look good in photos!

How would you describe your style?

I get it! I have heard this over and over; in fact, most of my clients tell me this. The "secret" to not looking awkward is not FEELING awkward. I will guide you into positions that flatter you and prompt interaction so that you don't need to fake a smile or stand around wondering what to do.

You can trust me.

Do I have to print my images through you?

How far in advance should I book my session?

Help! I'm awkward and don't look good in photos!

How would you describe your style?

I take a limited number of sessions each month to allow me enough time to provide only the best client experience to each and every client. Reach out to me as soon as you think you might be interested in working together. You've got nothing to lose by filling out my contact form! 

It's never too early.

Do I have to print my images through you?

How far in advance should I book my session?

Help! I'm awkward and don't look good in photos!

How would you describe your style?

All of my collections come with a certain number of digital files and a certain amount of print credit to use in your online gallery store, where you'll have the opportunity to purchase professionally printed, archival prints and heirloom albums. Your collection comes with a personal print release, which means you can print the images from your collection from whatever printer you'd like!

It's completely up to you!

Get in TouCh!

You should have receive an immediate automated message to confirm that I've received your message. If you have not received confirmation, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. If you see the confirmation in spam, please mark it as not spam and/or add it to your contacts.

You can expect a non-automated response within 24 business hours.


Let's capture your connection

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