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Buying baby gifts can be a daunting experience. Babies change so rapidly, and it’s hard to know what will end up in the donation bin before the parents even get a chance to use it. This is why I love baby boutiques. Especially Mockingbird Charlestown! With stores like these, you can select thoughtful gifts that parents will cherish. Finding a fabulous local boutique also supports a small business while boosting your town’s economy. Add in a knowledgeable staff that will help you choose the right item, and you’ve got yourself a gift a family will remember for a long, long time. 

The Charlestown neighborhood has so many great specialty shops that are perfect for gift lovers. But perhaps my favorite is Mockingbird Baby & Kids. With a worthy cause and a fantastic selection, Mockingbird will become your new favorite place. Whether you’re looking for an adorable playsuit or a unique present for a friend, I just know you’re going to find it here. 

About Mockingbird Charlestown

Mockingbird is a charming family boutique located in historic Charlestown. The store first opened in June 2014 but changed ownership in 2019. Today, the store is owned by supermom Lauren Thompson. Lauren was inspired to purchase the store after finding many terrific goods within the space for her two daughters. Since taking over, Lauren has made some significant changes, including turning it into a store that gives back to the community. She is selective in choosing organizations that work to protect the next generation. On top of giving back, the shop chooses brands that are not only environmentally conscious but also support worthy causes. She chooses USA-made products, minority-owned companies, and women-founded businesses. 

She is also careful with the store’s packaging. You won’t have to worry about plastic bags crammed with a thousand promotion cards. At the store, you’ll receive only recyclable packaging. And when you order online, there’s a good chance you’ll receive it in a box that’s been used before as a way to reduce and reuse. Lauren is dedicated to going the distance to do good within the community. In 2021, she completed the Boston Marathon, where she raised $14,000 for the Claudia Adams Carr Foundation at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. With Mockingbird, you’ll find something you love and feel really good about it. 

baby sleeping in his white nursery Mockingbird Charlestow


Mockingbird contains a wide selection of baby goods, but perhaps the best section is their clothing. Get prepared to get an entirely new wardrobe for your child. The store carries products from a variety of brands. And what’s more, this clothing is cute. Say goodbye to the scratchy dress from yesteryear. Mockingbird Charlestown has a selection that is both practical and adorable. From their Red Caribou jumpsuits for the baby on the go to their Pink Chicken bubble romper for the stylish child, you’ll find bright colors with whimsical patterns. Their kids’ clothing goes up to size 7, giving you a chance to outfit almost your entire family in sophisticated yet fun pieces. 

Mockingbird offers pieces for literally every occasion. Whether you want a sparkly dress for your daughter’s birthday party or a Dreidel PJ set to celebrate Hanukkah, you’ll find exactly what you need. And I haven’t even started talking about the shoe section yet. Mockingbird has a massive selection of fantastic shoes for every style. From Muddy Puddles wellies to Native Shoes slip-on, this boutique has the perfect option for kids of all ages. 

Mockingbird also sells must-haves for newborns. Their swaddles from brands such as Angel Dear and Red Caribou are covered in bright colors and magical patterns. Their sleep sacks from Kyte Baby are a necessity for safely keeping your baby warm at night. The store has practical silicone bibs that are a breeze to clean, and the lip at the end will catch every spill, no matter how big.

stuffed animals on a shelf Mockingbird Charlestow

Educational Toys

The boutique has a huge variety of educational toys and beloved books to keep your kid’s mind active. Their dreamy dress-up section lets your child live their greatest fantasies, be it exploring space or saving the world. Stock up on ABC puzzles that will teach the alphabet using basketball players, dinos, women icons, and way more. 

Mockingbird sells a wide range of baby gear from UPPAbaby. You can find a handy play yard with a zip in the front that makes it ideal for camping. Choose between car seats of every variety and grab a base that will safely transport your baby. UPPAbaby also has strollers for every stride. You can find one that clicks in with your car seat as well as a jogger that will let you get to marathon training with your best little bud. Regardless of your transportation needs, Mockingbird Charlestown has you covered. 


Mockingbird’s dedication to giving back is what really sets it apart from every other store. The boutique’s website allows you to shop for the cause you wish to support. You can find many eco-conscious products with less plastic and low-carbon shipping methods. Prefer to keep your shopping local? Mockingbird has a selection of products made in the USA. While shopping with ethically-run American companies, you can find beeswax crayons shaped like dino eggs, comfortable leggings, adorable hair bows, and much more. You can also exclusively shop from women-run brands as well as minority-owned businesses. 

mom holding her newborn in his nursery

Perhaps the shop’s best aspect is their give-back program. You can choose brands dedicated to giving back to those in need, such as Pink Chicken which donates a piece of clothing for every 12 dresses sold. Or buy a doll from Linnea Company, a business that donates diverse dolls so children everywhere will feel represented. Mockingbird itself has products that they contribute for every item sold. Whenever you buy a hat, some gloves, or a pair of boots, Mockingbird will give that item to the local schools and community center. You’ll know your purchase is going to a great cause! 

Mockingbird Charlestown

Whether you need a wardrobe revamp for your own child or are looking for a perfect gift for a picky parent, Mockingbird Charlestown has precisely what you need. Not only will you get a gift that a family will adore, but you’ll also know you’re doing good within the community. 

Looking for another fantastic gift idea? Consider giving a photography session to your favorite family! I am a Boston-centered, award-winning photographer specializing in maternity and family photography. Contact me today to find out more about booking a session. For more motherhood resources, click on the blog links below!

stuffed animals on a shelf Mockingbird Charlestow

Help a Worthy Cause by Shopping at Mockingbird Charlestown!

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