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Local kids’ boutiques are some of the most incredible spots in the world. Not only do you get the chance to support a local business, but you can find children’s products specifically curated to fit your aesthetic. There are some beautiful boutiques to add to your must-visit list across Boston. As a family photographer, I get to hear about them all! If you’re looking for an adorable shop offering some of your family’s cutest items, I would love to tell you why you must check out Magpie Kids in Somerville. 

About Magpie Kids

Magpie Kids is the sister store of Magpie Industries. Dave Sakowski founded the original store in 2004 when he and his friends envisioned creating a space that would center local artists. He began using the shop to sell homemade goods. Over time, Somerville grew in love with the shop, turning to Magpie for jewelry, greeting cards, candles, and more. In 2013, Dave felt like it was time to expand.

When he started Magpie Kids, he had an infant daughter and began to think about what he would like for her nursery. He focused on stocking the shelves with handmade items families would love. Whether you’re searching for a unique gift or are in the market for a wardrobe upgrade, Magpie Kids has you covered. This adorable shop focuses on selling items perfect for any little one. 

newborn baby sleeps while being handed to her older sister in a studio magpie kids


Magpie Kids has one of the best wardrobe selections around. The shop sells eco-friendly brands in a variety of styles. Their soft leggings are an excellent choice for any outfit, while their shirts come in every shade. The dresses at Magpie Kids are incredibly wearable and made with breathable materials such as jersey. Their zipper onesies are a dream for late-night diaper changes.

Parents will love the whimsical patterns, while babies won’t mind the soft fabric. The shop also sells accessories to match each outfit. You can find the cutest knotted caps to fit your baby’s pajamas or stretchy headbands to complete their daily look. As the seasons change, so does their selection. The boutique offers bubble rompers, jersey shorts, and seasonal tops, so your baby is ready for warmer weather. 


Magpie Kids has a curated toy selection your family will love. Dave has always believed the best toys are the ones that let kiddos use their imaginations. At the shop, you can find a variety of eco-friendly toys your child will love. The majority of their toys are wooden. Your little one can cook up a delicious pretend omelet with their play food or work on counting with their minimalistic blocks. You can find vintage-inspired wooden toys your baby can pull along the house as they learn to toddle.

The shop also features plushes destined to be your little one’s new best friend. Your baby’s nursery will have the most comforting toys, from soft elephants to snuggly bunnies. Their crinkle toys are must-haves for diaper bags. Your baby will adore shaking the fabric blocks or nibbling on the delicate butterflies. The best thing about the toys at Magpie? You don’t have to worry about all the noise and batteries that come with most modern toys. Magpie allows you to sneak into your child’s room without accidentally setting off an Elmo-voiced alarm at 2 AM. 

Their puzzles are the ideal thing to engage your child’s mind. Their puzzle sticks are the perfect introduction to puzzles. Your little one can arrange pictures in their way or learn to recognize the pattern of the animal in the image. They have geometric sorting boards to help your child match shapes and animal-shaped puzzles that allow you to introduce your baby to the alphabet. Their games are a magnificent way to get the whole family laughing. You can play a t-rex or a unicorn balancing game, work on matching with exciting memory games or stay entertained during road trips with their travel games. 

newborn baby sleeps with a pink boy and pink onesie


The books are maybe one of the best features of Magpie. The shop has stories for every occasion and season. Your child can count with cats, learn the ABCs with flowers, or learn about dinosaurs with atlases. Magpie Kids sells books discussing families, historical figures, and architecture. The store has classics such as Corduroy, Little House on the Prairie, and Secret Garden. You can find beloved series such as the Little Dreamers and Paint by Stickers. Their library allows you to break down social issues with your little one and talk about the world as it has been and can be. And if you need a local read, Magpie Kids has a vast selection of books all about Boston! 

Supporting Local Artists

Since the shop opened in 2013, they’ve always focused on creating a community-centered space. At its inception, the store would bring in local artists and host classes such as baby yoga. Since then, they’ve shifted gears by highlighting artists and businesses. They’ll bring local authors to sign books or help other spaces advertise their family-friendly companies. Magpie Kids has always enjoyed serving the city of Somerville by emphasizing community members. 

The store has one of the best seasonal selections. They carry books, toys, and clothing to match each holiday. Whether you want an easy-to-understand board book that discusses the importance of Martin Luther King or are searching for the perfect Christmas onesie for the holiday season, Magpie Kids has you covered!

two dogs look onto their newborn sleeping sister in a crib magpie kids

Magpie Kids

There’s a reason why I love kids’ boutiques. You can get a unique selection while supporting the community around you. If you have little ones, you will adore Magpie Kids. With marvelous toys and stylish clothing, you’ll always have the perfect gift! 

While checking out Magpie, it’s the ideal time to look at clothing for newborn photo shoots. I’m a Boston-based photographer passionate about creating relaxing and meaningful photo sessions. So check out the blog links below for more Boston family tips and work from my portfolio. But before you go, contact me today to chat about your dream family photos! 

newborn baby sleeps with a pink boy and pink onesie

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