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Pregnancy is kind of an adventure. When you get those two blessed pink lines, you have no idea what to expect. Is it going to be a girl or a boy? What will their smile look like? What will their personalities be? And then come the other questions. Why did my nose just grow three sizes? Will my heartburn ever let up? Is it okay for your baby to have hiccups this much? This is where a great Westford OBGYN office comes in.

A fantastic OB will work with you to ensure everything is going to plan. They’ll answer all your questions and give you advice in a non-judgmental setting. The only issue is finding an OB that will mesh with your family. Suppose you cannot build a great relationship with your doctor. In that case, it can make pregnancy a lot more confusing and delivery itself a bit traumatic. 

I’m a mom and a newborn photographer and have served as a clinical chaplain, so I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the OBs of Boston. If you’re struggling to find the right doctor for your prenatal care, let me tell you all about the Westford location of AFA/OB-GYN and why I think they’re one of the best around. 

About A Westford OBGYN – All Female Associates

AFA stands for All Female Associates. If you’ve ever had to battle the healthcare system, you’ll understand why this is so important. Statistically, women do not feel as heard by doctors as men typically do. And we have reason not to. For centuries, even the most valid of concerns were dismissed as hysteria, resulting in medical malpractice. 

And once that system was in place, it became hard to break free. The mistreatment of women inside hospitals is systematic, and it will sadly take a long time before we’re completely free from it. Until that happens, groups such as AFA exist. 

Dr. Balcomb founded AFA in 1994 to ensure women felt empowered in their care. Dr. Balcomb started the practice right after moving from Canada to America. She would remain at the ship’s helm until her retirement in 2019. While she’s no longer at the office, her ideas still guide the practice. 

Women continue to come and see practitioners that make them feel heard. The practice features three locations with offices in Concord, Leominster, and Westford. The Westford branch is run out of the Emerson Hospital Health Center in Suite 208. When you come here, you’ll be treated by a staff that will prioritize you.

Mother stands in nursery holding her newborn baby girl westford obgyn


AFA offers comprehensive healthcare for women in every stage of life. Their gynecological care includes contraceptive options, infertility treatments, and endometriosis care. While many doctors are often dismissive toward these concerns, the staff at AFA will ensure you have the treatment you need and continue to work with you even after potential resolution. 

They’re also here for mammograms and cancer screenings to ensure you can get the help you need right when you need it. 

The office even offers services for women who may struggle as they age. MonaLisa Touch is an innovative treatment for symptoms that might arise from menopause and postmenopause. By helping ease these symptoms, you’ll feel rejuvenated. They also offer Biote Medical, a hormone pellet that optimizes your hormones to help you feel your best. 

The best part of their office is their exceptional prenatal care. When you sign up through AFA, you’ll be given a provider who will ensure you are receiving top-of-the-line care. They’ll schedule appointments early and often to provide you with the best guidance. Because the group works as a team, they have you meet with all the providers throughout your pregnancy. 

One of the ways AFA ensures you feel heard is by helping you choose individualized care. They provide holistic care with an evidence-based approach. You can have an OB or one of their wonderful certified midwives. Furthermore, your provider will work with you throughout your pregnancy to create the best birth plan. 

If you prefer to go natural, you’ll have plenty of options. Your providers will do what they can to see your birth plan through to the end. If you’ve had a c-section in the past, the center will give you a safe space for a VBAC. 

They’re also here to manage high-risk situations such as preterm labor, diabetes, and twin pregnancies.

mother sits on porch chair kissing her daughter and holding newborn westford obgyn


While the practice will be there for you through a hospital birth, many parents adore them for their birthing center on the Emerson Hospital’s main campus. This comfortable space allows you to give birth however you see fit. 

Following your labor, you’ll be able to do skin-to-skin and be seen by a breastfeeding consultant. And because the center is so close to the hospital, you’ll have immediate aid should you need it. 

AFA will do what it can to ensure you have a care network throughout pregnancy and after delivery. You can take childbirth classes as well as hypnobirthing classes and breastfeeding classes. 

Have an older sibling at home who’s struggling to accept the idea of a new baby taking up residence? They have classes for that, too! 

The sibling class will ensure you can have a successful introduction with your other kiddos and help build up a relationship as time goes on. The practice also offers prenatal and postnatal classes taught through Emerson Community services. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, the practice is more than happy to get you in touch with a new mothers group and a mothers support group. 

Westford OBGYN

I understand how hard it can be looking around for prenatal care, but I think you’ll really love AFA Westford. In fact, one of the reasons I’m so confident is because I used them for my own pregnancy and delivery! This Westford OBGYN gave me quality, compassionate care during every part of this season of my life, and I know they’ll treat you the exact same way. 

Once you have your newborn, it’s time to schedule their pictures! I’m a family photographer who loves capturing those big stretches and early smiles. Contact me today so we can book your session!

For more motherhood resources, be sure to check out the blogs below.

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