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Our babies are precious, unique beings with a mind of their own, and a huge part of parenting is trying to understand what exactly they need. Sadly, our little ones don’t come with an instruction guide telling us how to interpret their every cry, and it can often feel like we’re out here floating. Even the best parenting books can leave us struggling to figure it all out. Babies in Common in Northborough is here to make things a little bit easier. This innovative company was founded to help parents navigate the ins and outs of having a baby. With their classes, resources, and community, you’ll be speaking your baby’s language in no time! 

About Babies in Common in Northborough

Babies in Common is a woman-owned Northborough business that was started by Jeanette Mesite Frem in 2012. Jeanette has had a lifelong love of studying women’s health. In college, she studied international health and development and then, at the age of 21, joined the Peace Corps. For the next two years, she lived in a village in West Africa, working alongside nurses and midwives to provide the community with healthcare.

After she returned, she earned a master’s degree and started to work in public health while also going through her own pregnancies. After realizing how hard it can be to find solid information regarding natural birth, she decided to change this. Enter Babies in Common!

Jeanette began to teach evidence-based classes regarding childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting in general. Jeanette remains passionate about constantly learning. She’s a certified doula and regularly attends classes and conferences to make sure the center is on the cutting edge of research. Her goal is for you to leave the classes feeling empowered in your delivery and parenting journey. 

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Babies in Common has courses covering everything you could need to know as a Northborough parent. At the center, Jeanette is joined by professionals such as Melissa Anne DuBois, a childbirth educator with experience as a postpartum and newborn nurse. Whether you’re planning on having a medicated labor with an epidural waiting for you the second you get checked in or want to go unmedicated at home, the center has courses for you.

You’ll learn about how to pick a doctor or midwife and know what to look for in your prenatal care. You can also get classes specifically designed to provide information for your VBAC. The center provides packages to provide you with live classes and interactive sessions so you can ask questions and get personalized answers. 

The center has sessions devoted to education regarding feeding your baby. Babies in Common Northborough understands that, above all else, fed is best. Their instructors are judgment-free and focused on giving you the resources you need to be able to feed your baby whatever way you prefer. You can receive both prenatal consultations and courses to help you with those confusing first few days of bonding and breastfeeding. You can also be connected to a feeding group led by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

The center provides Facebook groups so you can stay connected and ask questions at any point. If you need a lactation consultant to meet with you one-on-one and provide guidance, the center will pair you with one. During these consultations, you can solve issues such as an incorrect latch, improper weight gain, reflux, pumping issues, and more. 


At Babies in Common, you can find groups that will let you connect with other parents in the Northborough area. Whether you want to meet in person or prefer to meet virtually, you’ll be able to find others who are ready to discuss everything from babywearing to the dreaded sleep regressions. These groups are facilitated by Jeanette to keep the conversation flowing. The center offers more formal courses on CPR and choke saving. While these are crucial skills that you’ll hopefully never have to use, by taking classes, you’ll be ready to snap into action and save your little one should you need it.   

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Babies in Common knows that it takes a village. So they do everything they can to build up a support system for new Northborough families. The center provides training for birthing professionals. Lactation consultants and perinatal professionals will be able to take courses on things such as pumping and feeding, matching parents with necessary gear, and helping babies that refuse bottles. The center offers in-person workshops. But if you’d prefer to learn at your own pace, you can find virtual sessions that let you learn anywhere. 

Babies in Common Northborough provides a podcast that will keep you informed and entertained! Each episode is centered around a different topic in parenthood. The episodes are led by Jeanette and Melissa Anne Dubois and discuss everything from postpartum depression to childhood nutrition. The aim of the podcast is to keep the discussions light and engaging. You can turn it on while making dinner without worrying about little ears overhearing. The podcast also releases as a videocast if you’d prefer to watch. 

Babies in Common’s website is full of resources to give you answers whenever you need them. Their blog is rich with information. Meanwhile, their recommended videos are ready to teach you all about birth. 

Babies in Common Northborough

Trying to figure out what your baby needs at any given time can be a challenge. Whether you’re dealing with milk undersupply or can’t figure out the whole sleeping thing, parenthood is not the easiest journey. With Babies in Common Northborough, you’ll not only be able to choose a list of classes to help you with the tougher parts of parenting, but you’ll also find a community of other families who will be there by your side. 

As a motherhood photographer, I love getting to be there for my clients. Whether I’m taking photos they’ll treasure for years to come or giving them recommendations that will make their lives a little bit easier. I adore creating a relaxing atmosphere that puts both parents and newborns at ease. All of this while letting genuine emotions shine through. If you’ve been considering scheduling a photo session, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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