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Babies don’t keep. From those brand-new smiles to the first few steps, that first year of childhood flies by. And while it’s thrilling to go from milestone to milestone, it can be tricky to handle the constant turnover of clothing and gear. Pajamas go from swallowing your baby to being a little too snug in a week, and the bucket seat that was so helpful those first few months is no longer cutting it. That is why I firmly believe in finding local Cambridge baby stores that will make upgrading former favorites exciting!

Finding a local shop allows you to support the community while getting great product selections curated by professionals. If you’re in the middle of yet another nursery overhaul, I’d love to tell you about my favorite Cambridge baby stores!

Top-Rated Cambridge Baby Stores in Massachusetts 

Magic Beans

Magic Beans is a Cambridge baby store with everything you need for your baby. The shop was opened in 2004 by parents tired of searching for necessary baby items. Magic Beans specializes in functional clothing, helpful gear, and engaging toys. They carry a vast selection of brands such as Britax, BOB, Bugaboo, and Nuna.

The store is about helping you find items that make parenting much more manageable. Their magnetic pajamas make those 2-AM-diaper-changes a breeze while their car seats can quickly move from the base in your car to the stroller. The store offers consultations both in-person and virtually. During these appointments, you can go over gear to ensure you have all the tools you need to use them for your little one safely. 

Diaper Lab

Cloth diapering is more popular than ever, but starting can be overwhelming. That’s where Diaper Lab comes in! Diaper Lab is an innovative Cambridge baby store that makes cloth diapers as convenient as disposable. Here’s how it works: the shop sells a vast selection of diapers from many brands. You can purchase as needed or select an “Experiment to Own” package to try out a variety and see what works for your baby before stocking up.

The shop offers a diaper service that will come to your house, pick up dirty diapers, and swap them with clean ones. At the store, you can shop around for various styles and baby carriers. The shop offers baby-wearing and cloth diapering workshops and lactation consultants to help you troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white crib swaddled in a blanket under an animal mobile Cambridge baby stores

Magpie Kids

Magpie Kids is the perfect boutique for stocking up a wardrobe or picking out a gift for your favorite kiddos. The boutique provides modern, functional clothing with bright colors and fantastic patterns. From monarch butterflies to golfing avocado toast, your child will find something they’ll adore! The shop’s sleep section is one of the best around.

Your baby can sleep in style with cozy zipper pajamas and patterned Swaddlers. Magpie Kids also sells engaging books you’ll want to read again and again with your little one. Their colorful, wooden toys will foster your child’s imagination while their sparkly markers are just waiting to create a masterpiece. The store allows people to build a registry right on their website so you can get unique items you’ll love for your baby shower.

Henry Bear’s Park

Henry Bear’s Park is a one-of-a-kind toy store with items curated by age. For over 45 years, the store has worked to foster the imaginations of Cambridge children with toys and products that spark curiosity. You can find various beloved books from authors such as Sandra Boyton and Richard Scarry. Their teethers come in unique colors and shapes to help your child satisfy their chompers. You can also find wooden toys that will be perfect for tummy time. Whether you have a carefully planned aesthetic for your nursery or celebrate the loud and colorful, Henry Bear’s Park has something for your family! 

A newborn baby sleeps in their white animal themed nursery and crib Cambridge baby stores

The Fox & Robbin Shop

There are many reasons to love the Robbins Library, but the Fox branch feels extra special. The branch has a Cambridge baby store with a children’s section with unlimited books and beloved toys you can borrow. And while this section would be enough of an attraction on its own, The Fox & Robbin Shop inside elevates the location.

The store is a resale shop that sells like-new clothing for your little one. It’s the perfect solution for babies rapidly growing out of their clothing. By using The Fox & The Robbin, you’re not only able to upgrade your child’s wardrobe for a fraction of the price, but you’re also able to be a bit more sustainable. Plus, the shop donates its proceeds to the library so you can keep the Robbins Library thriving! 

The Red Wagon

The Red Wagon has been around for over 25 years supplying Cambridge kids with classic and preppy styles. The boutique is located in Belmont Center and has a great selection of clothing for any kid. The Red Wagon has become famous for its sweater shop. You can find rolled neck sweaters knit in luxurious Peruvian cotton and decorated with images such as hockey sticks, sailboats, and lobsters.

The shop also has a women’s section with trademarked sweaters, so you can find something to match your little one. On top of their sweaters, the shop sells cozy pajamas, lightweight rompers, and patterned shorts. Much of the clothing is themed. From fancy tulle skirts decorated with construction trucks to shorts covered in golf carts, The Red Wagon will have something perfect for your little one!

Cambridge Baby Stores

It can be frustrating and even a bit emotional to deal with the constant nursery turnover in your baby’s first year. By finding a store that matches your family’s lifestyle, switching out your baby’s gear will be less overwhelming and more exciting. With any of these Cambridge baby stores, you can get some of the freshest selections and have a great time! 

As a motherhood photographer, I love to be here for my clients, whether taking photos they’ll cherish forever or providing parenthood content such as this. If you liked this list of recommendations, stick around for a bit, and I’m sure you’ll find something else you’ll enjoy! And if you’ve been looking for a photographer to capture your child in all their fabulous styles, I would love to connect! I specialize in laid-back photoshoots that result in incredible and genuine memories. Contact me today to book your session.

A newborn baby sleeps in their white animal themed nursery and crib Cambridge baby stores

6 Amazing Cambridge Baby Stores for Your Little One

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