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There are a lot of kids’ toys that should come with an attached bottle of migraine medicine for parents. For whatever reason, toy manufacturers have decided the best toys are the ones that make the loudest noises possible. And while these toys are annoying enough during the day, just wait until the middle of the night when you’re trying to check on your little one, only to stumble across the booby trap of full-volume Fisher Price toys.

If you’ve been looking for quieter toys that work to build up your kiddo’s development without losing the entertainment factor, I’d love to tell you about my favorite Cambridge toy stores. From minimalistic treasures to endlessly exciting kits, I can’t wait to help you find a new favorite shop that you can visit without having to dread the headache. 

5 Cambridge Toy Stores Nurturing Children’s Imagination & Growth Through Play

Henry Bear’s Park

Henry Bear’s Park has been a mainstay in Cambridge since it opened 45 years ago. This adorable shop is independently owned and committed to helping the community. When they’re not helping your family find what you need, they’re working on their It Takes a Village program to serve different neighborhoods. 

The store is committed to carrying products that will result in hours of imaginative play. They curate their products to make sure they’re always bringing you the best. From classic books to games for the entire family, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need. You can organize their products by age on their website to narrow down their vast selection. With brands such as Magna-tiles, Legos, Tegu, and Smartmax, you’ll have quality items your little one will adore.

The shop even sells toys for teens and grown-ups. You can find an artist figurine such as Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo to brighten up your desk or a DIY miniature set to provide the perfect weekend activity.

Three siblings play and run in a park path

Magic Beans

Magic Beans is a parent-owned shop specializing in toys, gear, and pretty much everything else you could need for your baby. Since the store opened in 2004, it has prided itself on helping parents be matched with exactly what they need. Whether they’re providing consultations for car seat installs or are helping you find the right carrier for babywearing, you’ll love their expert advice!

Their toy selection is vast, with a considerable selection meant to stimulate your child’s mind. The shop features gorgeous wooden puzzles, cartoon character bath toys, and engaging crafts. While they specialize in the developmental department, they still stay on top of the latest trends. From Super Mario coin games to Calico Critter families, they have a fantastic mixture of items. You’ll love this Cambridge toy store’s knowledgeable staff, while your child will love their huge selection.

Magpie Kids

Magpie Kids is one of the cutest boutiques around all of Massachusetts! The shop is locally-owned and features a curated collection of baby products. Their clothing features bright colors and adorable patterns in a huge array of colors. And while their styles are some of the best, their toy section is where this boutique really shines. 

The shop specializes in carrying beautiful, classic toys that will be just as great on the shelf as it is in your baby’s hands. Their wooden toys feature kitchen utensils, pretend food, walkers, and xylophones. You can find rocket stackers that help your baby build gross motor skills and vet sets that will give your toddler endless hours of imaginative play.

Their Petit Collage section includes eco-friendly toys and games that let your child create magnetic figures or animal designs. You can also purchase popular brands such as Maileg and Djeco. Their gorgeous selection is just begging to brighten up your nursery!

A father walks down a park trail while playing and laughing with his three children cambridge toy stores

Learning Express

Learning Express is a franchise that’s been keeping kids entertained since 1987. Since the store first opened, it’s become a favorite shop for parents across the country looking for educational toys. The store currently has over 85 stores in 27 states, but its commitment to mindful products has never changed. 

Learning Express lets you find different toys based on age. Infants can find teethers, Squishmallows, and storybooks, while older kids will love their Tonka trucks, Lego sets, and fabulous Barbies. The store stays on top of the trends with its ever-changing selection. Whether your child wants to fly a Jurassic World Pterosaur or prefers to stick with slime, Learning Express has it. The shop has beloved classical games that will liven up family nights. And if your little one has a sweet tooth, just wait until they discover the store’s unparalleled candy section! Once you get in the door, it’s nearly impossible to leave.


Boing! Toy Shop came to fruition in 2001 to provide Jamaica Plain residents with thrilling toys for every child. The store has always taken care to treat each customer like they’re a part of the family. Since the store opened over 20 years ago, it’s continued taking the time to help each parent find the best product for their little one. 

The store has everything from active toys for outside to beloved books you’ll want to read again and again. Their infant toys are destined to be a hit from day one, while their toddler toys will get your child excited to learn. The shop has a massive selection of quality toys from brands such as Hape, Fat Brain Toys, Lego, and Douglas Cuddle Toys. The store carries classic toys, complex puzzles, and familiar games for adults. When you come into Boing!, you can be sure every member of the family is going to have a great time. 

Cambridge Toy Stores

Some toy shops are just built a bit better than the rest. If you’re searching for a trusted Cambridge toy store that will have the best selection, you’ll love any of these! With engaging toys made to encourage your little one’s imagination, you’ll always have a place to shop! 

As a photographer, I love connecting with my clients, whether giving them a rundown of my favorite spots in the city or bonding over parenthood. I know first-hand how quickly these early years fly by, and I can’t wait to help you remember them. I specialize in laid-back photo sessions guaranteed to provide gorgeous and genuine images. If you have been considering getting pictures taken to capture this season, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

Three siblings all play and make faces in a park path in front of tall grass cambridge toy stores

Cambridge Toy Stores Encouraging Active Play & Imagination

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