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Most toys these days feel like total sensory overload. With bright lights and loud sounds, it seems like there are a lot of products out there just begging for the batteries to “run out.” While these toys certainly have a time and place, having a store with a curated selection of imaginative toys that focus on developmental growth is a total game-changer. By finding a go-to space with products both you and your child will adore, you can make playtime educational.

If you’ve been trying to find a store with a fantastic selection that goes above and beyond, you will adore The Village Toy Shop. With great products made to challenge your kids, this shop can help you stock your house with toys that you won’t want to hide away. 

About The Village Toy Shop

Since The Village Toy Shop first opened, they have been focused on one thing: keeping children learning and growing. The shop is family-owned and has been a community favorite for over a decade. You can find it within the Village Shoppes of Canton in the Cobbs Corner neighborhood. Surrounded by other great shops and restaurants, The Village Toy Shop is a perfect place to spend a day out with the family. 

The store has been named as the top toy store south of Boston. With their great selection and their dedicated staff, it’s no wonder why! Their employees pride themselves on being able to help you find the best toys. They’ll listen to what you’re wanting and pair you with the right item. At The Village Toy Shop, the owners make sure the shelves are filled with entertaining toys kids are going to love. While they keep up with the latest trends, they put a special emphasis on carrying educational toys. You’ll leave the store knowing you’ve bought a quality item that your child will adore!

The Village Toy Shop has the best toy selection in all of Canton. They believe in sticking to what they call the FUNdamentals. What does that mean? Well, to begin with, many of the toys allow your child to engage in independent play. While all their toys are fun for the entire family, most of the products let babies and children create their own worlds. The store also carries toys designated for cooperative play. With these items, your little one can play with someone else to fully enjoy the product. 


The shop carries toys that develop motor skills. Whether the item is actively encouraging your little one to build this skill through tasks or is subtly building it through repeated activities, your child will master these movements in no time! The shop has toys that focus on visual learning and language development. They also build your little one’s brain through logical thought and music. Each of these categories is clearly marked on the product to give you a better idea of what you’re purchasing for your child. You can use this guide to ensure you’re helping your child in a way that benefits them the most. 

Starting in infancy, your child can find toys that foster their imagination. Their stuffed animals are warm and snuggly. Whether your little one wants an elephant, a cat, or an adorable French bulldog, you can get it in the shop. They sell engaging items that will keep chores like bath time and tummy time exciting. As your little one gets older, you can find toys that will grow with them. From dinosaur dominoes to barn-themed shape sorters, the shop is filled with the perfect gift for any child. 

The store has endless options for imaginative play for older kids. With popular items such as Magnatiles and Calico Critters, your toddler can create their own world. They can use construction kits from brands such as Duplo to build whatever they want. With these sets, your child will be able to quietly work while completing meaningful tasks. 

A dad in a blue sweater holds and plays with his young toddler daughter in a park the village toy shop


Village Toy Shop understands how to engage young brains and has activities that are more suited toward older children as well as tweens and teens. Their STEM sets allow your child to explore the world around them in exciting ways. Whether they’re learning how to build complex machines or are working with friends such as Bill Nye, these kits will let your child have a thrilling time while getting familiar with some pretty key skills. 

Above all else, the shop wants to be the first place you turn when you’re looking for gifts. Their employees will give you their best recs while you shop. They carry independent toy makers as well as major brands such as LEGO, Gray Matter, Playmobil, and Squishable. By the time you’re done shopping, you will have a product that will be loved over and over with guidance provided by the in-shop specialists. 

The Village Toy Shop makes it a breeze to plan all your holiday shopping. The website has a comprehensive catalog that displays every item in the store. Prior to your celebration, you can look through it with your little one and get some fantastic gift ideas. The catalog gives a rundown of all the products and lists the prices so you can work within your budget. It also lists the recommended ages for each item. When you buy the products within the store, you’ll be able to select gift wrapping absolutely free of charge!

The shop regularly hosts events to bring together the whole family. From gatherings in June for creating Father’s Day gifts to holiday-themed events in December, all year you can find exciting activities that will shake up your routine!

The Village Toy Shop

Between the loud toys and the overwhelming selection, shopping for toys can quickly go from fun to stressful. At The Village Toy Shop in Canton, Massachusetts, you can find absolutely amazing toys that transform the experience into an exciting adventure for the entire family!

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