8 Boston Lactation Consultants for Breastfeeding Expertise

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Before I start this post, I just want to include a disclaimer that I will support you no matter how you choose to feed your baby. There’s nothing wrong with formula-feeding if that’s what works for your family. That said, I know breastfeeding poses a different set of challenges. I chose to breastfeed my own two children, and it was a struggle for me in the beginning, so I wanted to create a resource list of Greater Boston lactation consultants for others who, like me, wanted to breastfeed but needed a little help.

Every breastfeeding experience is different—from mother to mother and from baby to baby. My son had a terrible time latching (which meant a lot of pain for me!!), and it turned out that he had a tongue tie. The hospital pediatrician and lactation consultants both told me that he didn’t have a tongue tie, and his own pediatrician said the same thing. It was my lactation consultant who suggested he might have a tongue tie that was affecting his latch. So I brought him to a specialist she referred me to, and they addressed the tie. The difference was night-and-day, and I went on to nurse him for two years.

My daughter had a decent latch, but I had a lot of pain with breastfeeding. Once again, multiple pediatricians and hospital lactation consultants told me her latch was good and she had no tongue tie. Well, guess what—one of the Boston lactation consultants on this list evaluated our latch and her mouth during a home visit and (low and behold) suggested she might have a tongue tie. I got it evaluated and released by a specialist pediatric dentist, and the pain was gone. Not every breastfeeding issue is a tongue tie, but I’m so grateful for my lactation consultants. Without them, I don’t know if I could have continued my breastfeeding journeys with my nurslings.

The list I’ve put together is a compilation of the most recommended lactation consultants in Boston- and Greater Boston-based mom community groups. Many of them are based outside the city, but most do in-home visits in Boston (each consultant’s service radius is noted where applicable). If you happen to be located in the suburbs, there’s a good chance someone on this list is in your area, too! 

close up of mom's hands embracing newborn's legs and feet

A Quick Note about Using Insurance for Lactation Consultants

The Affordable Care Act requires that medical insurance pay for breastfeeding support, including lactation consultants (LCs). That said, different providers will be in-network for different insurance companies, and you may have to get a receipt from your LC and then file for reimbursement from your insurance. I was lucky in that my insurance worked directly with my own lactation consultants, so I never had to worry about it aside from making sure they were in my network.

P.S. Nothing in this post should be taken as medical advice.

Now, without further ado, here’s the list of the most highly-rated Boston lactation consultants!

8 Boston Lactation Consultants to Guide You Through Your Breastfeeding Journey

Michelle Stolow

Michelle Stolow is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who started her private practice, From Birth, in 2002. She offers at-home services within 20 miles of Maynard, MA. She is in-network for some insurances, but she’ll also refer you to other greater Boston lactation consultants if she isn’t in-network for you (I know this because she was the first IBCLC I contacted, and she wasn’t in my network. She immediately referred me to another great provider who is also on this list and who took my insurance.). Michelle helps mothers and their babies with:

Baby not latching on consistently
Positioning and latch technique
Sore or damaged nipples
Low milk supply
Slow infant weight gain or weight loss
Oversupply / fast milk flow
Nursing twins and triplets
Transitioning from bottle to breastfeeding
Tongue ties
Bottle feeding difficulty
Plugged ducts and mastitis
Induced lactation and re-lactation

As a Boston lactation consultant, she offers up to two consultations and follow-up support by phone, text, and email, as well as breast pump rentals. Michelle also has day, evening, weekend, and holiday appointments available. 

Shelly Taft

Shelly Taft has been a Licensed Practical Nurse, Doula, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2007. She and her team of four Boston lactation consultants help both Massachusetts and Rhode Island families. She was actually my own IBCLC when I was experiencing some difficulties with my daughter’s latch. She was wonderful and made me feel super comfortable. Her team’s services include:

Breastfeeding support
Sleep education
IBCLC Mentoring
Live Virtual newborn care class
Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
Prenatal Childbirth class
Prenatal Infant Sleep Class

The team also hosts a program called the Baby Pro Bistro. According to their website, it is a “6-month digital community filled with REAL baby experts and like-minded parents like you.” This program offers:

Live Virtual Classes
Support Groups
Access to pregnancy and baby professionals
Expert guest speakers

There are two packages (petite and grande) of Baby Pro Bistro for parents to choose from, and they’re both FSA/HSA eligible. The Grande Bistro includes a one-on-one virtual session every six months and 10% off all other services.

Rachel O’Brien

Rachel O’Brien is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant based in Wayland, Massachusetts. She has a master’s degree in Human Lactation! She offers virtual consultations to parents worldwide or in-office consultations in surrounding towns seven days per week. Rachel is an LGBTQI+ friendly and experienced Boston lactation consultant ready to help anyone. Her services and expertise include:

Latching issues
Nipple pain, bleeding, and cracked nipples
Tongue and Lip Tie
Oversupply, plugged ducts, mastitis, and thrush
Pumping issues and return-to-work planning
Weaning from the nipple shield
Adoptive breastfeeding and chestfeeding
Re-lactation and induced lactation
Nursing after breast reduction or augmentation
Safe sleep and safe co-sleeping practices
Medications and procedures that may affect lactation

Consultations last roughly an hour to an hour and a half.

details of a baby's face Boston Lactation Consultants

Julie Brill – Well Pregnancy

Julie Brill is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and opened Well Pregnancy in 1992. She is also a certified Holistic Lactation Consultant and a doula. Julie provides the following services to her moms as a lactation consultant and a doula:

Prenatal Consultation
Deluxe Holistic Perinatal Education & Support Program
Natural Childbirth Classes
Cesarean Birth Classes
Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes and Consults

This Boston lactation consultant offers both online and in-home consultations. In addition, families who live within a 30-minute drive of Bedford, Massachusetts, are eligible for in-home visits.

Boston NAPS

Boston NAPS began in 2011 when the owners realized there was a need to fill the gap in postpartum support after parents return home with their newborns. After working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, they could see that parents weren’t feeling confident when leaving. Now, Boston NAPS offers full support to families, from pregnancy to early childhood. 

Boston NAPS offers an online learning platform, virtual classes, and online and in-home consultations for lactation care. Each team member is a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner, so you know you are in good hands. In addition, they provide a judgment-free zone. 

Boston Naps offers membership options for their families, including 100 videos, 20 courses, core guides, checklists, worksheets, live webinars, and an Ask a Nurse Forum with a 24-hour response time. They also offer special discounts on 1:1 lactation and sleep consultations. Memberships begin at $97 per month, and the price decreases with more months bundled. 

Boston NAPS is based in Boston, but with its virtual consultations, they can support families worldwide. Their in-home services are available for families throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Heather Bingham

Next on the list of Boston lactation consultants is Heather Bingham, who has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2008. Heather offers families both in-home and telehealth visits so that you can get the help you need without the added stress of travel. Her support and expertise for breastfeeding families include:

Bottle feeding
Mixed feeding
Solid food
Getting back to work
Exclusive pumping
Milk supply
Tongue ties
Post-frenotomy care
Prenatal planning
Induced lactation and re-lactation

In-home services are available for those who live within 30 minutes of Arlington.

new dad holding his daughter Boston Lactation Consultants 1

Lactation Maven

Christine Curley is a registered nurse and has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for well over a decade. She owns Lactation Maven and has a blog dedicated to lactation support called “The Milk Cupboard.” Traveling for in-home visits, Christine supports moms by offering the following services: 

Telephone Lactation Consult
Prenatal Lactation Education
Pre-Term and Late Pre-Term Breastfeeding Support
Breast and Nipple Health
Pumping and Milk Supply Support
Latching and Breastfeeding Support

Christine offers in-home support in Northborough, Southborough, Bellingham, Weston, and everything in between. There is a $50 travel fee for in-home visits outside her service area, but you can inquire to see where your location falls.

Virtual Boston Lactation Consultants

Nest Collaborative

Nest Collaborative is a collection of over 50 diverse International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. The consultants speak many languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic and more, to help all families. They offer online and video appointments to assist in your breastfeeding journey. Nest Collaborative also provides many other resources to their clients, such as blogs, the Latch Lounge forum, and their podcast “Breastfeeding Unplugged.” In addition, Nest Collaborative offers their families: 

Prenatal to Postpartum Education
Breastfeeding support and education
Pumping support and education

Boston Lactation Consultants

I hope this list of Boston lactation consultants has been a helpful resource to support you during this next motherhood journey. These highly-rated consultants are some of the best in Boston, so reach out to them soon if you think you need some help! 

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