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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is often suggested for expecting mothers. It has a host of benefits: it facilitates relaxation, engages your pelvic floor, helps open up your hips, and eases lower back pain. ACOG recommends it as one way to incorporate safe exercise into your pregnancy. It used to be easy to find prenatal yoga in Boston, but many studios closed or stopped offering in-person classes during the height of Covid. However, several Boston-area studios have reopened their doors. To save you some time, I’ve done the research for you and compiled this list to help you find a studio near you!

Please note: Always check with your OBGYN/midwife before starting an exercise program when you’re pregnant. Several of these studios continue to maintain some level of pandemic precautions, so please double check websites before attending classes to make sure there are no surprises! Most of these studios allow you to pay per class or to join a monthly membership.

Prenatal Yoga Boston: pregnant mother and husband cradling bump; pregnant woman and husband holding hands walking at Boston Seaport

In-Person Prenatal Yoga in Boston

Down Under

Down Under School of Yoga has locations in South Boston, Brookline, Cambridge (Harvard Square and Porter Square), and Newton. In addition to dedicated prenatal yoga classes, they offer many different types of yoga that can be modified for pregnancy. They have multiple classes every day so that you can find something that works within your schedule. All yoga teachers at Down Under have been vaccinated for Covid, and streaming is also available for those who are most comfortable joining from home.

Several workshops for both expecting postpartum moms are also available through Down Under, including one aimed at helping moms prepare for birth by providing them with helpful delivery postures, breath work to use during contractions, and meditation to break the anxiety-pain cycle. They also offer Spinning Babies classes.

Prenatal yoga in Boston: close up of baby bump cradled in mother's hands

Radiant Yoga Boston

Also in South Boston, Radiant Yoga Boston is another studio offering in-person prenatal yoga. Radiant Yoga Boston’s prenatal classes are meant to strengthen and restore the bodies of those bringing new life into the world. Many reviews emphasize how warm and welcoming the Radiant Yoga community is.

Blissful Monkey Yoga Studios

Next on the list of Boston prenatal yoga studios is Blissful Monkey in Jamaica Plain. This studio offers a few different yoga classes throughout the week, including prenatal yoga. Students are welcome to join in person or online. They also offer music classes for children and babies.

Pregnant mother and husband cradling bump and laughing together; pregnant mother standing alone, cradling her bump in front of Boston skyline

In-Person Prenatal Yoga in Metro West

Synergy Wellness Center

Located in Hudson, Synergy Wellness Center actually has a special discounted monthly perinatal membership that includes 5 yoga classes plus a choice between one of the following: a 60-minute massage, reflexology, a private yoga class, or a 50-minute acupuncture session. If you prefer a full monthly membership, you have access to additional yoga classes. For most classes, you are welcome to join in person or online.

Lexington Power Yoga

As the name suggests, Lexington Power Yoga (Also called LPY: “Live:Practice:Yoke”) is based in Lexington, MA, but it also has locations in Burlington and Woburn. Classes are also streamed online.   LPY offers weekly in-studio prenatal yoga classes, and they also offer daily Barre sessions. Barre is another strength-building, low-impact way for expecting moms to increase or maintain fitness (with occasional small modifications to accommodate pregnancy), so if you’re looking for a studio where you aren’t limited to yoga, LPY is worth checking out.

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Pregnant mom and her husband laughing together at Boston Seaport

Best Prenatal Yoga in Boston & Metro West: 5 Studios Offering In-Person Classes

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