Best Prenatal Massage in Boston and Surrounding Area: Top 7

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Prenatal massage has a long list of benefits, including reduced back and joint pain, fewer headaches, less anxiety, better circulation, and better sleep (source: American Pregnancy Association). To save you some time on research, I’ve collected a list of recommended providers for prenatal massage in Boston and in Metrowest. All of these providers were specifically recommended by moms in mom groups in the area and have excellent reviews online.

Several of these locations are full-service spas, so you can always add a facial to your visit to pamper yourself a little extra (just double check that they don’t use retinol, which isn’t safe for pregnancy). You deserve all the pampering, Mama—your body is changing in all sorts of uncomfortable ways to support and nourish the miracle inside of you.

prenatal massage in Boston - first image shows pregnant mother cradling baby bump, second image shows husband hugging pregnant wife from behind

Prenatal Massage in Boston

Bella Santé

By FAR the most recommended Boston prenatal massage provider is Bella Santé, a luxury spa with locations in Boston, Lexington, and Wellesley. They have won dozens of awards and are known for their excellent service. They are completely client-centered, taking note of client preferences and demonstrating remarkable responsiveness. They refer to their clients as “guests,” demonstrating their attitude toward everyone who walks through their door.

They offer two different types of 80-minute massages for expecting moms: 1) Rest and Restore and 2) Prenatal Escape. Rest and Restore is meant to help release pain in the lower back, reduce water retention (aka swelling), and increase your circulation. Prenatal Escape is designed “to help improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscle fatigue,” soothing aches and promoting well-being.

If you’d like to indulge in a little something extra after your prenatal massage, a spa concierge is available to assist you in choosing services and treatments that are safe and relaxing for expecting mamas. If you want a top-of-the-line prenatal massage in Boston, you won’t be disappointed here.

exhale® Battery Wharf

Located in Boston’s Battery Wharf Hotel, exhale Spa offers prenatal massage for women in their second and third trimesters (note that their website states that they will not perform massages on pregnant women in their first trimester). Their massages last for one hour and are designed to reduce swelling in the hands and feet, reduce tension, and improve circulation.

Toscana Day Spa and Salon

Next on the list of Boston prenatal massage providers, Toscana was founded and is owned by a bio-chemist trained in Europe. All products used at the spa are organic, and several are even hand-made in Italy, France, and Romania.

Specifically, Natalia at Toscana Day and Spa was highly recommended by several Boston moms for prenatal massage. I haven’t been able to confirm via the website, which doesn’t list individual staff members, but rumor has it that she was a midwife in her home country and became an LMT (licensed massage therapist) here. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anyone more qualified to melt away Mama’s aches and pains than a former midwife with LMT credentials.

Prenatal Massage in Boston - pregnant woman with husband and toddler son

Prenatal Massage in Metrowest

Nota bene: Bella Santé was featured in the Boston section of this post, but it has two Metrowest locations in Lexington and Wellesley. Make sure you catch the recap above if you’re in Metrowest and skipped the Boston prenatal massage section.

The Gentle Place

If you’re looking for prenatal massage in Metrowest, The Gentle Place Wellness Center in Framingham is worth checking out. Their therapists are specially trained to understand the unique needs of pregnant women; in fact, the two masseuses are certified in prenatal massage, so that you can feel both safe and well-cared for while you receive your pampering!

The Gentle Place also offers prenatal prenatal yoga, so if you’d like some space to gently develop strength and mindfulness, you could consider squeezing in a yoga class before your massage.

Mahina Mind Body

Located in Somerville, Mahina Mind Body is owned and operated by Así Texeira. Her aim is to help clients foster mindfulness and to release both physical and emotional tension. She considers herself both a bodyworker (i.e. massage therapist) and an energyworker. She offers both prenatal massage and induction massage, which is aimed at helping the body become more ready for labor without medical intervention.

Jennifer Edmunds Massage

Jennifer Edmunds (NCLMT), owner of Jennifer Edmunds Massage in Arlington, is passionate about making clients feel their absolute best. She and her associate, Laché Auger (LMT), customize massages to the needs of their clients. Their prenatal massage is aimed at reducing both physical and emotional stress for the mother-to-be.

first image shows husband and pregnant wife sitting close together on the couch with arms cradling the baby bump, image two shows father tickling his toddler son

Prenatal Massage in South Shore

Featherstones Massage Therapy and Birth Studio

Located in Kingston, Featherstones specializes specifically in prenatal work. The owner and masseuse, Leigh Barton Smith (LMT), has 23+ years of massage experience and several advanced trainings in prenatal massage under her belt. She even has a birth doula certification!

Her website states that she’s worked with 3200 (!) prenatal, natural induction, and natural breech turning clients from conception to delivery. Her massages make use of the FDA-approved Biomat, a special device under the sheets that has a whole host of medical uses from reduced inflammation and muscle tension to alleviating migraines and increasing blood circulation.

Boston prenatal massage - pregnant mom holding toddler son

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image 1 is a pregnant woman cradling her belly, image two shows a husband pulling pregnant wife close

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