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Pregnancy is a positively thrilling time in your life. From the very first moments, your body is constantly hard at work, growing a brand new human being. Each week, as you prepare to meet your baby, they get a little bit bigger. Suddenly, you can feel them stretching and kicking. They move from one side of your stomach to the other as you go through your day. And while, yes, it’s exciting to watch your baby roll around, it’s also pretty darn hard on your body.

Sure, it’s fun to download apps that compare your baby to a new piece of fruit each week, but lugging around a watermelon day in and day out is guaranteed to leave your back aching! One of the best things you can do for yourself is to book a regular prenatal massage in Cambridge MA

Not only will these services help you with any muscle strain, but they’ll also increase your body’s function. Plus, it’ll help you relax during this wonderfully chaotic stage. If your body is feeling the aches of pregnancy, I would love to tell you about four of the best prenatal massage studios around Cambridge, Massachusetts. With these fabulous experts, you’ll feel ready to handle your baby’s next growth spur!

Four Spas to Ease Those Pregnancy Pains With A Prenatal Massage in Cambridge MA

BodyOne Massage

BodyOne Massage is a studio that provides a diverse menu of healing massages. The studio believes that because we only get one body, we should do what we can to treat it with care. Before every appointment, they work carefully with you to pinpoint what your body needs and will consistently check in with you throughout the massage. Their goal is to use their expertise to help you feel restored. 

The specialists at BodyOne blend together different forms of massages to give you services completely tailored to your needs. Their prenatal massage in Cambridge MA lasts between 60-90 minutes. During these sessions, you’ll lay on a pregnancy bolster with cut-outs so you can safely be belly down. If you’d prefer, you can choose to lay on your side or in the supine position. All the therapists who will work with you have been certified in prenatal massage. The studio gives you add-on options, including aromatherapy, foot massage, and scalp massage. BodyOne provides massages both in-studio and at-home. You can visit them at 1776 Massachusetts Ave. 

A mom to be leans into the chest of her husband while they stand in a park

McIntosh Massage

A Touch of Hope Massage is a studio opened by Zola McIntosh, a muscular therapist with over 17 years of experience. For years, Zola has increased her understanding of massage by studying her clients. She understands that every person is different, and she goes out of her way to give you individualized services. Before you start as a client, you’ll meet with her for a new client assessment. During this time, she’ll get to know more about your unique needs through both conversations and measurements. Her goal is to understand what areas of your body will need extra care. 

The Cambridge, MA studio offers several massage options, including prenatal. The prenatal massages last for 1 hour and 20 minutes. During this time, Zola will pay special attention to the areas that experience the most change throughout pregnancy. Her massages will help your joints adjust to the extra weight while improving your breathing. You can speak to Zola about additional services, including ear candling and kinesio taping. Her studio is located at 186 Hampshire St., Floor 2. 

Abi Harper, LMT

Abi Harper has been a massage therapist since 2001. She specializes in creating a calming environment that will make you feel safe. She welcomes clients from all backgrounds and will ensure you feel like you belong. 

Abi’s extensive training in sports injuries has helped her understand the strains of pregnancy. If you’re nervous about booking a prenatal massage in Cambridge MA, she’ll explain the benefits and risks so you can decide if her services are right for you. For the first trimester, she’ll let you lay in whatever position is most comfortable for you. Throughout these sessions, she will avoid any areas that can trigger contractions and will be sure not to use any movements that might increase nausea.

Starting in the second trimester, you’ll lay on your side with your stomach supported by pillows and cushions. She’ll use this same positioning throughout the third trimester. Abi provides postpartum massages and offers gift cards so you can give her services to the new moms in your life. You can visit her at Cambridge Health Associates, located at 335 Broadway. 

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BodyWise is a studio founded by Meghan Howell and Erin Sweeney. The pair met over 20 years ago while at the Muscular Therapy Institute and joined their practices together in 2019. They now use their studio to build up your wellness. 

The two therapists are trauma-informed and will personalize their services to you. You’ll never feel rushed as they carefully work on specific areas, including the lower back and hips, the feet and legs, and the ribcage and neck. During your session, they’ll work on postural awareness as well as breathing techniques to prepare your body for labor. BodyWise uses both side-lying and semi-reclining positions for their pregnant clients.

On top of their prenatal massage in Cambridge MA, their studio offers postpartum services. These sessions are dedicated to working with your body as it recovers from childbirth, as well as addressing issues that are overworked while caring for a newborn. They encourage you to come for regular self-care and to reconnect with your body as it heals from doing some incredible work. BodyWise is located at Wellness at Villages located at 537 Massachusetts Ave in Acton. 

Prenatal Massage in Cambridge MA

Your body is doing some amazing things throughout pregnancy. One of the best ways you can show appreciation is by treating yourself to a prenatal massage. With a prenatal massage in Cambridge MA, you can get back to feeling your best! 

If you’re looking for another way to celebrate your body right now, I’d love to connect! I’m a parenthood photographer in Boston, and I adore working with families to help them have gorgeous portraits of this time. I provide maternity, newborn, and family pictures. Throughout my sessions, I work to create a calming environment that inspires genuine emotion. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I would love to chat so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you! Contact me today to get the conversation started.

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