Western Mass Midwives to Lead You Through Your Birth

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Modern motherhood is tough. So often, it feels like we’re alone in this activity that kind of does take a village, and that can make the isolation even worse. And while our prenatal care should bring us some form of connection to this massive life moment, at times, it’s like we’re just another slot on the OB’s appointment sheet. That is why I think everybody needs great Western Mass Midwives.

A midwife tends to have a smaller patient rotation meaning they’ll spend more time with you answering any questions and addressing all concerns. Plus, a midwife will give you 24/7 access to their medical knowledge, which is fantastic for all those late-trimester surprises. As a newborn photographer and chaplain, I’ve met some wonderful Western Mass midwives. Here is a list of some of my most trusted agencies. 

Western Mass Midwives to Guide You During Pregnancy

River Valley Midwives

Jharna Harvey Ahmai founded River Valley Midwives as a midwife with over thirty years of experience. The firm has since brought on an additional midwife offering a dedicated team who will provide quality care throughout your home birth. Throughout your entire pregnancy, you’ll have hour-long consultations where you can ensure you and your baby are at your best.

And once delivery begins, they’ll be by your side, empowering you through it all. Perhaps their best asset is their compassionate care. They’re thorough throughout the postpartum period, ensuring you continue receiving care as long as needed. They also are trauma-informed and will focus on your mental health during your time of care. With their knowledge, pregnancy will be a positive journey for your family. 

Seven Sisters Midwifery

Seven Sisters Midwifery is a fantastic center founded by Ginny Miller and Kirsten Kowalski-Lane. These two Western Massachusetts midwives have attended a combined total of 5,000 births. They are responsible for opening the state’s first freestanding midwife-owned birth center. At Seven Sisters, you will experience the personalized postpartum care you deserve. Also, they will answer your questions and concerns appropriately.

The midwives deliver babies from homes, hospitals, and their Northampton birth center. The comfortable birth center offers warm beds and spacious tubs. You’ll be able to move around the facilities as you please throughout labor. On top of their expert prenatal and labor care, Ginny and Kirsten offer counseling, fertility services, lactation support, and premium postpartum care

mom and dad holding their newborn baby in the nursery with details

Sacred Birth Midwifery

Sacred Birth Midwifery is a center run by three knowledgeable midwives who believe their career is an art form. The center uses holistic approaches for its evidence-based care. With each appointment, your midwife will spend hours discussing your concerns and checking your progress. They’ll help you develop the right birth plan and offer information regarding every option. And when the time comes, your midwife will be by your side throughout your home birth. Sacred Birth Midwifery is devoted to getting to know you and your family throughout your appointments. Throughout your care, they’ll feel more like friends than providers. Besides their standard midwife services, the center provides lab work, breastfeeding counseling, contraception, and more. 

Greater Springfield Midwifery

Greater Springfield Midwifery is a center that believes in living and working within its community. These Western Massachusetts midwives all live within the Greater Springfield Metro Area and limit their patients to that area. That allows them to build lasting relationships with their families and know how to best care for them throughout their pregnancies. The center understands that birth looks different across cultures and strives to let every individual give birth in a way that is meaningful to them.

The center will discuss science-based options with you and give you choices to decide what’s suitable for your family. The midwives will work with you to create your perfect birth plan and will be by your side throughout your delivery. The center offers classes on childbirth and will give you access to local pregnancy support services, such as chiropractic appointments. 

new mom holding her newborn baby in her arms Western Mass Midwives

Warm Welcome Birth

Warm Welcome Birth is a midwifery center that Michelle L’Esperance founded. Michelle has been a midwife assisting with births since 1996 and is now an Approved Preceptor with the North American Registry of Midwives. She assists with home births while also teaching the next generation of midwives. Warm Welcome Birth will pair you with your midwife and a secondary midwife who will be there throughout your delivery. You’ll have at least one appointment with this secondary midwife during your pregnancy to ensure you feel confident with their care. The center offers doulas for every stage of pregnancy. You can also attend classes on childbirth and make sure you feel prepared for that exciting time. 

Circle Of Life

Circle of Life is a midwifery center founded by Jennifer Douglass. Jennifer has had a thirst for health since she was a young child. She’s spent years trying to learn all that she can and use that knowledge to help the community. She started practicing in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1992 before moving to Massachusetts in 2010. Jennifer believes in providing holistic care to help women feel in charge of their bodies. She specializes in homebirth but will do everything necessary to ensure a safe delivery for you and your baby. 

These Western Massachusetts midwives will come to your house before your delivery to create the best environment for your home birth. The center can provide a pool for a water birth, and following your delivery, your midwives will stay for the next 2-4 hours to monitor you and clean up. They’ll remain on call for the next six weeks should any issues arise. On top of midwifery, the center provides prenatal yoga, doulas, and lactation consultants. 

Western Mass Midwives

 As you prepare to meet your newest family member, it helps to have someone by your side who will take the time to answer any questions and ensure you have the help you need. With any of these Western Mass midwives, you’ll receive assistance and the power to deliver your baby how you see fit.

 Are you looking for a photographer to capture your baby’s earliest moments? I’m a newborn photographer who loves providing a calm and relaxing session for your family. Contact me today to find out how I can provide you with pictures you’ll cherish forever. For more Massachusetts motherhood content, click on the blog links below. 

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