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Taking care of a family is hard work. Whether you’re trying to balance a thousand different extracurriculars or reminding your son for the fortieth time that, no, shorts are actually not an acceptable thing to wear in Boston in January, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Adding family healthcare to the list can be difficult with so much limited free time. This is why finding the right pediatrician is so crucial. A great pediatrician like Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics will make managing your family’s healthcare simple by being available to answer questions and giving you the resources to make informed decisions.

The Boston area is no stranger to renowned healthcare professionals, which can make sifting through doctors a bit overwhelming. If you’re stuck trying to find the right doctor for your family, let me tell you why I think you’ll love Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics

About Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics

Harvard Vanguard was established in 2004 when Dedham Medical Associates teamed up with Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. A year later, Granite Medical Group joined them. Their goal was simple: create a comprehensive healthcare system where all associated groups would remain independent while sharing a medical record. The doctors could collaborate more with each other and offer their patients a more specialized approach to their healthcare

From there, the practice only grew. By adding additional groups, such as PMG Medical Associates, the alliance could continue to grow its practice and add more locations. Hence, residents across Boston could always be near a doctor who would readily take them on. 

Today, the practice features over 50 specialties, as well as imaging, labs, and multiple pharmacies. All medical records reside in an electronic system, making them easily accessible to doctors across the practice. You don’t have to waste precious time relaying everything from past doctors at your appointment. Your provider will have all the notes on hand.

Harvard Vanguard works closely with several area hospitals with whom they share electronic communications. They also work with doctors outside the practice to ensure that you have their expert guidance even if you need to go elsewhere for treatment.

The doctors through Harvard Vanguard are committed to your health. They remain transparent in their communication with their patients so you can stay on top of your healthcare. They also use cutting-edge research to ensure you constantly have the best tools available. Your family will have healthcare you can trust through their clear and compassionate care. 

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Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics has seventeen pediatric offices across the Boston area. The majority of these offices offer radiology and feature an onsite pharmacy and lab. You won’t have to worry about driving your child across the city to get the answers you need. 

The pediatricians through Harvard Vanguard are some of the best on the scene today. Suppose you’re trying to sort through pediatricians to ensure you feel confident in your choice before committing to their care. In that case, you’ll love their one-on-one meetings. 

You can ask your potential pediatrician any questions and know if they’ll match your family. 

The team also offers “Meet the Pediatricians” group sessions where you can preview the pediatricians accepting new patients at your preferred office. These events are virtual, so you can easily fit them around your busy schedule!

The office makes accessing your child’s medical history as simple as possible. Their electronic system ensures that any hospital or specialist will automatically have the information they need so you can focus on helping your child. The office also relies on MyHealth. 

This secure web-based system will give you access to your child’s medical records. From lists of medications to the most recent lab results, you’ll have the answers you need at the tip of your finger. The website has an app for added convenience. 

The offices ensure that your family will have the help they need 24/7. You can quickly find a same-day appointment should an emergency pop up at the last minute. Nurses are on standby to answer your urgent questions during business hours. A medical staff, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants, answer these calls after hours. 

On-call pediatricians can also be consulted if needed. And because crises don’t take breaks, many of the sites offer urgent care hours during the weekends and holidays. 

Mom and dad hold and play with daughter wearing a maternity gown and button-down shirt in a park outside a large stone building


One of the best things about Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics is how varied its staff is. By pulling in so many experts across the area, you are guaranteed to have the specialty care you need. On-staff pediatric doctors specialize in things such as allergies, dermatology, cardiology, sports medicine, behavioral health, and more. 

Their affiliations with neighboring hospitals fill in any potential gaps. Harvard Vanguard works closely with Boston Children’s Hospital and will refer your child to a trusted doctor should they require outside care. 

On top of their premium care, the doctors have a host of resources to ensure you are empowered to make the best decisions for your family’s healthcare. They are here to ensure you have the necessary evidence and information! 

Finding a network that can treat the entire family is a great way to keep your healthcare as seamless as possible. When your child ages out of pediatric care, they’ll have access to specialists and general care providers throughout Harvard Vanguard. Their new doctor will have all previous information, making the transfer a breeze.

Note: Harvard Vanguard is continually growing and improving. After a recent merger, the organization is now known as Atrius Health. You can still get the same care you’ve come to love while having increased access to more providers across Boston. 

Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics

If you’re having a hard time finding the right pediatrician for your child, I know you will love Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics. This comprehensive healthcare organization will do what it can to ensure your family has all the help they need. 

Are you looking for a photographer who will capture your family’s big personality? We should chat! I’m a Boston-based photographer who absolutely loves getting to deliver those authentic smiles. Contact me today so we can schedule your session. For more motherhood resources near Boston, check out the links below1

Mom and dad hold and play with daughter wearing a maternity gown and button-down shirt in a park outside a large stone building

Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics for Dependable Children’s Care

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