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Pregnancy is an experience unlike any other. For months, you get to know your baby without ever really getting to see their precious face. Over this time, you constantly ask questions and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Will you be able to stick to your birth plan? Are you equipped for the postpartum phase? What happens if you don’t have all the answers to everything? It’s easy to fall into an anxiety spiral, especially if this is your first baby.

This is why I’m such a big proponent of hiring birth professionals to be there through every step of your pregnancy. By hiring someone like a doula, you’ll have a constant contact you can reach out to and get a gentle reminder that it’s all okay and you’re doing great. If you’re in the midst of battling those pregnancy nerves, I’d love to tell you all about Sara Epstein, the doula of Sweet Baby Doula. Her expertise will help you as you prepare to meet your baby!

About Sara Epstein

Sara Epstein began her journey as a doula over 17 years ago. During her first pregnancy, she had been forced into an unnecessary C-section. The entire experience soured her to the mainstream birth industry, and she decided to do something to change it. She had three VBACs following this, including two waterbirths. She has seen the power firsthand of a positive birth environment staffed by a supportive team. Now, she’s committed to ensuring new parents have access to this same experience. 

Rather than make decisions for you, Sara wants to help you take control of your own pregnancy and labor. Her mission is to provide you with evidence-based information so you can see which options work best for you. Sara has training in Spinning Babies/Optimal Fetal Positioning, lactation support, Hypnobirthing, and childbirth education. 

No matter your preferred method, she’ll be there with her expertise. She provides non-judgmental support and fiercely advocates for helping parents feel empowered throughout the birthing process. With Sweet Baby Doula, you’ll have the birth experience that’s best for you. 

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Sara’s primary role is as a birth doula. She has created a package to provide new parents with comprehensive care so they can have gentle coaching throughout pregnancy and delivery. Her approach is to give parents all the tools they need to make their own choices and lower the likelihood of needing medical interventions throughout. 

When you book with Sara, your services will begin with a 45-minute-long consultation. Throughout this time, you’ll get to know her and ensure she’s an excellent match for your family’s needs. You’ll have two different visits throughout pregnancy. During the first visit, she’ll share her wealth of information and help you lay out your birth plan. The plan will be comprehensive. She knows all too well how often birth doesn’t go exactly how we picture it. 

As such, she’ll work so you can know what to do if the circumstances change. She also knows that having a rock-solid birth plan is one of the best motivators to make sure you remember why you chose these options in the first place. During the second visit, you’ll receive a hands-on workshop to practice different labor positions and comfort measures. She understands that she’s not a replacement for a birthing partner. 

If you have someone who will be in the room with you, she’ll work with them so they know how they can support you throughout. By the end of these visits, both of you will feel ready for the moment those contractions start! She’ll also provide unlimited texts, calls, and emails from the very beginning of pregnancy so you can have all the advice you need from the first trimester. 

Labor & Postpartum

Once labor begins, Sara will be by your side. She’ll have a backup doula on call just in case she can’t get there (don’t worry! This is very rare!). When Sara says she’s non-judgemental, she means it! She assists with home births, hospital births, and birthing center deliveries. She’ll work with you whether you get an epidural when you’re settled in the room or plan to go fully unmedicated. Her mission is to give you control and ensure everybody around you honors the birth plan as much as possible. 

She’ll have labor support tools that will be accessible to you, and she’ll remain by your side until the first hour or two following your delivery. She’ll provide initial lactation support. You’ll also get to schedule an at-home postpartum visit where she’ll debrief with you, assist with any lactation issues, and ensure you’re well on your way to recovery. 

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Part of Sara’s job is to ensure you feel fully equipped for delivery and everything that follows. She provides childbirth education courses covering everything you need to know for delivery. You can schedule these private courses either virtually or in your home. 

She offers specialty workshops on everything from creating your birth plan to being a supportive birth partner. Her general childbirth class is comprehensive and will prepare you to meet your little one. 

Sara is a lactation specialist who provides services specifically for people struggling to nurse their babies. She offers clinical breastfeeding counseling and management. She can help with issues such as over/under milk supply, engorgement, poor latch, mouth problems, tongue tie, and much more. 

You can receive support either at home or virtually. Over the 1.5-hour session, she’ll troubleshoot any issues so you can find a solution and be on your way to a happy breastfeeding journey. 

Sara Epstein Doula

Pregnancy might feel like a nerve-wracking moment in your life, but with the right help, you can kiss all the anxiety goodbye. With Sara Epstein, a doula, you’ll have a wonderful coach who will support you through every aspect of growing a baby. 

Once you have your doula, why not plan your newborn photos? I’m a Boston-based family photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn pictures. I’m a mom myself and know how important it is to make every moment of these early stages last. My goal is to help you preserve each moment with gorgeous photos. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more. 

Mom and dad walk down a park bridge over a river while dad carries their toddler daughter

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