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Children are born curious. It starts in those very first few months when they’re examining their hands up close and continues into those preschool years when they’re performing their own secret experiments, such as pouring toothpaste into water. Seeing them constantly questioning how the world around them works is thrilling. One of the best things we can do for our little scientists is to encourage that curiosity. These early years are full of development, and by letting our kiddos explore the world around them, we’re letting them receive an education unlike any other. At the same time, finding ways to help your child learn that don’t involve hours of cleaning afterward can be challenging. If you’re looking for a fantastic place that will let your child learn and grow, I’d love to tell you all about Ready Set Kids. This wonderful center is devoted to giving your child a space specifically built to engage their sense of discovery. 

About Ready Set Kids

Ready Set Kids is a center started by Emily Hammond in 2014. Emily has Italian and Spanish degrees and started teaching kids foreign languages in 2008. She opened a center in California and Colorado before deciding to move back to her home for the birth of her child. 

Once in Massachusetts, she started looking at buildings where she could open a center. Soon, she stumbled onto the perfect space in Arlington. She began to envision a place where she could teach kids different languages and create engaging classes with enriching activities for little ones. And so, Ready Set Kids was born!

Ready Set Kids offers classrooms designed to pique your child’s curiosity. The center takes the time to select teachers they believe will make learning fun. These teachers have a deep passion for the topics they teach, and many are specialists in the field. 

They share the common belief that every child is intelligent, and their goal is to find new ways to help your kid’s development. The teachers all have met the EEC Early Educator group leader qualifications and have passed state background checks. 

At Ready Set Kids, your family will adore the small community feel. Each course is limited to 8 kids; the teachers get to know and love your child. The environment feels warm and welcoming; even the shyest kids will have no problem joining the fun! You can check out this excellent center at 248 Broadway in Arlington. 

A mother and father play in in their nursery and read books with their infant daughter in a blue onesie ready set kids


Ready Set Kids provides a full schedule of informative classes for children up to 8. Many of the courses operate similarly to preschool. You’ll drop your child off for a period of time and come pick them up a few hours later. Children do not need to be potty-trained for this, and the teachers work closely with the parents to make sure they can stay up to date. 

You’ll have an informal meeting with the teacher before and after class, where you’ll discuss your child’s progress, and you’ll receive a weekly email that features pictures of what your child has been working on. These emails will also discuss how you can help your kiddo continue to work on their growth at home. 

The classes usually have unit-end celebrations to show you what they’ve learned. The curriculum for the courses is curated entirely by the staff at Ready Set Kids, so you can be sure your child’s experience is completely unique! The classes change units every few weeks, so you won’t have to worry if your child is behind if they start halfway through the year. 

Specific Classes & More

The center provides classes for topics such as music and art. They have informative STEM classes where your child can learn about biology, earth science, physics, electricity, and simple machines. The enrichment classes cycle through different units, so your child can engage in topics such as bugs or transportation. While many of their classes are drop-off, several let you attend so that you can get a front-row seat regarding your child’s growth!

Emily’s love of foreign languages continues to shine throughout Ready Set Kids. Their most popular classes are their language immersion classes. Through these, your child will be in a space where the target language is spoken nearly 100% of the time (the only time it’s not is in the case of an emergency when a teacher needs to convey something urgently to a child). The school provides immersion classes in Spanish and Mandarin. 

An infant girl plays with her mom whiile sitting on a rainbow rug in a nursery ready set kids


During the summer, Ready Set Kids provides summer camps to keep your child active while letting them learn. The camps are for kids between the ages of 2-8 and let you choose whether to send them for a few days or the full week. They also offer extended programs that go until 2:30 each day. Your child can interact with topics such as theater, dinosaurs, and space. 

Ready Set Kids has tons of ways to involve parents. On top of their drop-off classes, they have interactive family courses where you’ll learn topics like Mandarin with your child. They also have support groups to help families build up a community. 

Whether you’re a new mom trying to connect with others or are struggling to stay afloat after having a second child, they have a group for you! These sessions go throughout the year and last for an hour and fifteen minutes each week. You’ll take a break to talk to other parents, get helpful advice, and have a safe place, to be honest. 

Ready Set Kids

If you’ve been looking for a place to let your curious child learn, check out Ready Set Kids. This fantastic center gives your child a thrilling space where they can engage their growing minds. 

I love connecting with parents, whether we’re sharing recommendations for our favorite spots or I’m helping them create memories they’ll cherish for years. I’m a Boston-based family photographer, and I love setting up laid-back photo sessions so you can have beautifully authentic pictures. If you’ve been considering booking some photos for your family, I’d love to chat! Contact me today to find out more.

An infant girl plays with her mom whiile sitting on a rainbow rug in a nursery ready set kids

Engage Your Child’s Sense of Discovery at Ready Set Kids!

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