Three siblings in tan and khaki clothes play in a park path with dad Boston Nanny

A good nanny feels like a total angel. Not only do they give your kiddos the attention and supervision they need, but they also provide structure and developmental lessons. The best nannies are the ones you know love your little ones like their own. With so much that goes into this job, trying to find […]

Mother to be stands in front of a window holding and looking down at her bump Joyful Birthing

Since 2020, it seems everyone is simply trying to find their footing. In the years following the pandemic’s start, every industry has witnessed a shake-up, and the birthing industry is no exception. More women have decided to have home births in recent years and seek more natural methods for delivery. While there are many reasons […]

mother sits on porch chair kissing her daughter and holding newborn westford obgyn

Pregnancy is kind of an adventure. When you get those two blessed pink lines, you have no idea what to expect. Is it going to be a girl or a boy? What will their smile look like? What will their personalities be? And then come the other questions. Why did my nose just grow three […]

Mom and dad hold their newborn in their nursery in front of the crib and stuffed animals

The art of raising kids is not for the faint of heart. It involves a rotating menu of snacks and uneaten meals, endless piles of laundry, broken curtain rods, stained couches, and regular identification of what’s causing your kid’s runny nose. With so many things to juggle, it helps to build up a team you […]

Mom and dad hold and play with daughter wearing a maternity gown and button-down shirt in a park outside a large stone building

Taking care of a family is hard work. Whether you’re trying to balance a thousand different extracurriculars or reminding your son for the fortieth time that, no, shorts are actually not an acceptable thing to wear in Boston in January, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Adding family healthcare to the list can be […]

new mom holding her newborn baby in her arms Western Mass Midwives

Modern motherhood is tough. So often, it feels like we’re alone in this activity that kind of does take a village, and that can make the isolation even worse. And while our prenatal care should bring us some form of connection to this massive life moment, at times, it’s like we’re just another slot on […]

Boston metro area family, maternity, & newborn photographer capturing genuine connection in moments as beautiful as they are fleeting.

MEET Hannah

I met Sam and Leah at church in Leominster a couple years ago, but we really hadn’t had the chance to get to know each other until more recently because of the pandemic. These two are hard not to love—they are so warm and genuine! I had recently scouted Doyle Conservation Area, and it turned […]

Couple standing close together on bridge in Doyle Park in Leominster; woman cradling pregnant belly with one hand and holding husband's face in the other; husband holding mom's hand cradling the belly; both are looking down softly at the bump
Husband hugging and kissing pregnant wife

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