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Have you ever met two people who you just knew were absolutely made for each other? That’s how I felt when I met Kenz and Mitch. This pair has been a couple since high school, and more than a decade later, they’ve been through the wringer together.

In the midst of 2020’s pandemic, they experienced multiple pregnancy losses. Kenz learned as she was losing one of her babies that she has a rare form of Type 1 Diabetes, which she quickly had to learn to manage in addition to everything else. As a chaplain, Kenz also had to continue taking care of others throughout all of it. I’m humbled by her grace and love for others even in the midst of her own personal tragedy. This mama is the real deal, and I was honored to do her maternity photos.

Given Kenz and Mitch’s story, this pregnancy was full of joy even as it was marked with the worry that comes with a high-risk pregnancy. This photoshoot, however, was nothing but love and delight. Kenz was radiant (being drop-dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt!), and Mitch brought lots of laughs. It was heart-warming to see how much he adores her. I LOVE the Baltic Born dress she chose! If there’s ever a time for deep jewel tones, it’s when you have a blanket of snow.

These two were absolute troopers! The session took place in sub-zero temperatures at the Old North Bridge in Concord after a big New England snow storm. New England can be quite brown with all the leafless trees during the winter, so the snowfall ended up giving us a beautiful backdrop. And Mitch was happy to share his jacket with Kenz as we walked from one part of the park to another.

Without further ado, enjoy these snowy portraits!

Husband hugging and kissing pregnant wife

husband hugging pregnant wife on snowy Old North Bridge

Snowy maternity photo of smiling mom and dad

Husband and wife pulling each other close and smiling

Pregnant couple smiling on Old North Bridge

Dad hugging pregnant mom

Two snowy maternity photos of mom cradling bump

Mom and Dad's hands cradling bump in snowy maternity photo

Dad hugging pregnant wife from behind

Dad kissing pregnant wife in front of Concord Old North Bridge

Two snowy maternity portraits with mom and dad snuggling each other

Husband and pregnant wife standing close, smiling at each other

Hannah is a Boston maternity, newborn, and family photographer who specializes in making sessions comfortable and fun so that she can capture your authentic and intimate family connections.

Husband hugging and kissing pregnant wife

Snowy Concord Old North Bridge Maternity Session

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