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When I was pregnant with my first child, I was completely overwhelmed with all of the “stuff” needed for babies. It turns out that babies really don’t need that much when they come home: you, breastmilk or formula, diapers, and a place to sleep. BUT there are also so many things these days that can make life easier for new parents (my ring sling was my best friend!). I also wanted to make sure that the things I brought home were eco-friendly and non-toxic, because I believe a baby’s tiny footprint should be small. Enter Baby Koo, one of my favorite Boston baby stores.
Baby Koo is Boston’s prime destination for the best offerings of eco-friendly cribs, nursery furniture, car seats, baby clothes, and infant toys! Baby Koo stands out from other retailers for empowering parents to protect the environment and their little ones’ health. They specialize in eco-conscious, non-toxic baby items. From exciting toys to durable strollers, modern cribs, and bassinets, Baby Koo is the ideal place to shop for everything you’ll need for your baby. For those who prefer not to shop in person, you can also shop or create a baby registry online.

About Baby Koo

Baby Koo was founded by a mother-daughter duo looking to establish a store in their hometown that carries more environmentally-friendly, green, and non-toxic baby gear. As a result, this Boston baby store gives parents an alternative to the bland, mass-produced, and often less safe nursery items sold in many retail stores. When Karina (the daughter) was pregnant with her first baby and couldn’t find anything she truly fell in love with to use in her nursery, she teamed up with her mom to launch Baby Koo.

Most retail stores don’t publicize where their products come from or keep track of how they’re manufactured, but Baby Koo’s mission is to provide parents with a store where they’ll know exactly where their items come from, where they were manufactured, and how eco-friendly they truly are. Every item sold at Baby Koo is safe and non-toxic to protect your little one’s health and development.

Baby Koo is located at 1239 Washington Street, West Newton, MA 02465.

dad and son playing together and a family of 4 with a newborn laying on a bed with their dog Baby Koo

Products at Baby Koo

It’s time-consuming to research and put together a registry. Thankfully, Baby Koo is a one-stop baby store where you’ll find everything from strollers to cribs, nursery furniture, car seats, and even mommy items—all hand-chosen to help you and your new baby get off to the best start.

Baby Koo’s founding mother-daughter duo scour the globe, attending trade shows and visiting designer showrooms to find the best baby products. As a result, baby Koo carries the most eco-friendly and original baby products in the nation, with items that are both useful and functional, made without harmful chemicals, organic when possible, and eco-friendly. Shopping at Baby Koo takes a lot of the hardest guesswork away from new parents. When you shop at this Boston baby store, you know that every item was chosen because it is family-safe, environmentally-friendly, and tried-and-true. This enables you to nurture your children in the best way possible.

I also love that purchasing from Baby Koo supports a small family-owned business!

Nursery Furniture

Baby Koo has all the furniture you’ll need to design the nursery of your dreams! The modern baby furniture and accessories sold at Baby Koo will help you add a touch of elegance to your child’s nursery. Parents can pick from great brands such as Rustico, Ithaca, UPPAbaby, Natart, and more, with cribs ranging from $300 to $1,700. In addition, many cribs are convertible to toddler beds, making them a great value for parents who want to invest in long-lasting baby furniture.

Parents can also shop for changing tables and pads, a must-have in any nursery! Babies go through countless diaper changes, so why not make these frequent changes safe and comfortable for you and your infant? Baby Koo carries a variety of covers and styles.

Feeding Supplies

In my own experience as a mom and in my experience doing countless newborn sessions as a Boston newborn photographerI’ve found that babies constantly need to eat (my 4 year old still constantly needs to eat, but that’s a topic for another day)!

Baby Koo carries nursing items, bottles, teething toys, and high chairs for when your baby is old enough for solids. You can choose great high chairs and booster seats from trusted brands like Peg Perego, Baby Bjorn, Tavo, Nuna, and Keekaroo. Baby Koo has everything you’ll need, from bandana bibs to drying racks, as your baby starts the transition to solid foods. Parents can find modern and lively designs that will make meals fun. In addition, all items are baby-safe, BPA-free, and made from natural materials and paints.


Both my children have LOVED bath time from the very beginning. We’ve found that it’s soothing for them, so we made it part of our bedtime routine from the start. At Baby Koo, you can shop for everything you need to bathe your little one safely. Bathe and dry your baby with luxuriously soft bamboo towels and find bathtub inserts from SkipHop and Munchkin. With these bath time accessories, washing your baby will be loads of fun! You can also choose from a selection of bath toys that won’t get dirty and moldy, which I always hated worrying about!


Baby Koo carries a unique selection of baby toys like puzzles, stacking toys, art supplies, developmental activities, blocks, walkers, and books! Baby Koo knows babies love to chew, tug, and toss toys. So, each item is chosen to bring you the best for your child’s growth and development, made organically and creatively. 


As parents, we want clothing for our babies that is soft, cozy, and cute. With a touch of modern themes and eclectic styles, Baby Koo’s curated clothing selection emphasizes comfort, quality, and safety above all else. From sleep sacks and swimwear to adorable sweaters and stylish jumpsuits, Baby Koo has a little bit of everything for your baby’s wardrobe. 

Items for Moms

It is fun to shop for a baby, but don’t forget about yourself! One of the most difficult things I have experienced as a mother—and something I know a lot of moms struggle with—is the loss of a sense of self after the baby arrives. Yes, your world will in large part revolve around the baby, but where you can, splurge on some things that will help you feel like yourself even after the baby arrives. You deserve great accessories that are both functional AND stylish. From exfoliating cubes to diaper bags and memory books to nursing accessories, moms can find amazing products at Baby Koo.

Little boy dressed in blue jumping on a bed Baby Koo

Gifts and Consultations

Looking for a great baby shower gift? Baby Koo is the perfect spot to find unique, adorable baby gifts sure to please parents and babies alike! JellyCat stuffed animals, KeaBabies nursing pads and burp cloths, board books, stroller toys, nursery clocks, coming home outfit sets, and baby blankets all make fabulous baby shower presents. 

Baby Koo also offers concierge services to parents looking for some expert advice. For a $75 consultation, parents will get a 30-minute phone call where they’ll form a list of 1-5 personalized product suggestions and advice on any baby items they have questions about. Email support about recommendations is also included. For $135, parents can get a full review of their baby registry during a 1-hour phone call with an expert. On this call, they’ll come up with a list of any missing items and suggestions for alternative items that suit your family’s needs.

Finally, for $599, parents can get the ultimate assistance with their registry. A 90-minute phone consultation allows parents to create their registry from scratch with the help of an expert who will choose products tailored to their individual lifestyles and needs. Additionally, you’ll receive two 15-minute review sessions.

Baby Koo

Shopping for your baby’s nursery can be a daunting task! As parents, we all just want to provide our new babies with the best, safest options. Baby Koo takes the guesswork out of finding the world’s finest baby items. Each product is hand-chosen with your baby’s safety in mind, so shopping here is a breeze! You’ll find everything you need—from strollers to nursing accessories—with the added bonus of access to fantastic concierge services that will help you create the ultimate registry.

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