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The thing about parenting is that none of us are quite sure we’re doing it right. It doesn’t matter how many parenting books we read. Sometimes, it will still feel like we’re wildly guessing. This is what makes the community so darn essential. With the right people, you’ll have a constant place to turn and get assistance with all the twists and turns parenthood has in store for you. If parenthood has left you feeling stumped lately, I would love to introduce you to Over the Moon Parenting. This unique Norwell center is full of informative courses for parents and engaging activities for every kiddo. 

About Over the Moon Parenting

While parenthood is a blessing unlike any other, many parents find those first few years to be unbelievably isolating. Babies and toddlers tend to thrive on routine. Still, it’s not exactly helpful for letting you get out to connect with other parents going through similar life experiences. 

Margaret Breen understood this experience all too well and decided to create a group to change this. She formed Over the Moon Parenting in 2014 (the original name was New Arrival Educators) and used her nursing background to offer parents guidance throughout the early years. 

These days, the Over the Moon Parenting center has expanded quite a bit. The team of educators now includes multiple RNs, certified early childhood and childbirth educators, lactation consultants, certified CPR and infant first aid instructors, doulas, infant massage educators, and more. Nearly all the teachers are parents themselves and understand how fraught this season can be. 

They’re here to provide engaging and informative classes so you can have some extra help. The center has partnered with organizations such as Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Tuft’s Women’s Care South in Braintree, and Metro-West Medical Center in Framingham. Above all else, the center strives to create a safe place where parents can get help on various topics and create a community with each other. 

While most medical center classes currently occur online only, the Over the Moon location continues to provide in-person classes for children and adults alike. You can view their busy class schedules online before visiting them at their physical location at 15 Farrar Farm Road in Norwell, Massachusetts. 

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Over the Moon Parenting became a staple for families across Boston for their prenatal and parenting classes. A Certified Childbirth Educator teaches prenatal classes designed to give you a comprehensive picture of what pregnancy, labor, and the early postpartum stage will look like. The class instructors are sure to budget plenty of extra time so you can ask questions and leave feeling fully prepared. 

The course takes several hours, and you can select bundles to save on other classes that teach breastfeeding, newborn essentials, and infant and child CPR. The classes happen about once a month and include access to Over the Moon’s special childbirth web apps. These apps contain condensed versions of the coursework, so you can easily access the information at any point. 

Over the Moon Parenting provides classes and groups aimed at helping parents build up a community over the first six months of their babies’ lives. You can choose from new mom and new dad groups. These groups last over a few weeks, led by parents who know exactly what you’re going through. You can also select Mommy and Baby yoga classes. During these courses, you can stop and feed your baby while still getting in a pretty rewarding workout. 

As your baby ages, you can find workshops tailored toward specific topics. Whether you have a picky eater or are exhausted from dealing with constant sibling fights, the center has a workshop that will transform your life! 

Over the Moon is committed to helping parents with their mental health and providing support groups for those who might be struggling after the arrival of their baby. They strive to normalize mental health disorders, including postpartum depression and premenstrual depressive disorder. 

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Over the Moon Parenting has classes for the kiddos, too! Your child will be put with children their own age and enjoy engaging activities. Starting at 0-5 months, you can take your child to music sessions and enrichment courses to encourage their development. They’ll participate in circle time, songs, and sensory play. 

You’ll hear about developmental milestones during these classes and get great parenting advice. As your child gets older, they’ll get to start taking exciting art classes. Your baby will have fun creating masterpieces with mediums such as water and paint. The center understands how hard it can be to fit these classes around your busy schedule, so they offer additional evening and Saturday morning classes so you can attend, too. 

Your child can start the center’s specialty classes at six months. These classes tend to let your little one celebrate holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. They also have fun sessions such as Paint and Play classes and Toddler Spa Days. 

Over the Moon Parenting provides a drop-off preschool for toddlers aged 2-3. The preschool does not require your child to be potty-trained to attend these classes. You can choose to send your child one or two days a week. During this time, your child will participate in group activities, including art, music, and movement. They’ll get the chance to build up their independence while you’ll get the opportunity to get a few hours to yourself. 

Over the Moon Parenting

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by parenthood, it’s time to visit Over the Moon Parenting. This fabulous center is devoted to helping you build a community while getting some priceless help for growing your family. 

I absolutely love connecting with parents, whether we’re sharing recommendations for our favorite local places or I’m helping them document some gorgeous family memories. I’m a Boston-based photographer, and I specialize in family pictures. I know firsthand that photo sessions aren’t always the most relaxing experience with little ones, and I’m here to change that! I make the session calming so you can have beautifully authentic pictures. If you’ve been considering scheduling a session for your little one, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

A mother and father play peekaboo while sitting on the floor of a nursery with their infant daughter in dad's lap over the moon parenting

Informative and Engaging Classes at Over the Moon Parenting!

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