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Generally, my newborn photography sessions take place in my clients’ homes because it’s typically easiest for my clients, and I really strive for a real-life, lifestyle feel in my work. In a few situations (and just a few!), though, a studio might be worth considering. For this session, we used the Newburyport Studio for newborn photography at the North Shore, and the end result was beautiful!

Jess is a gifted photographer in her own right, and she had a certain vision for her session, and the studio was perfect for it. It’s always a little nerve-racking to take photos for another photographer, but Jess and her family are so laid back, and we had a wonderful time together.

Why might you consider using a studio instead of your home as the setting for your newborn session?

There are occasionally (but rarely) some in-home situations that don’t lend themselves well to my light and clean photography style, either because there may not be any natural light (think bottom-floor apartment with thick trees that don’t allow much light in the windows) or because a client’s wall colors are dark or bold, which can create color casts on clients’ faces and darken the images overall. As a photographer who offers North Shore newborn photography, I always bring flash as a backup for dark homes, and that’s usually enough—but flash will never look 100% the same as natural light.

Sometimes (as in this session), my clients might opt for a studio simply because their home is too far from my service radius, so they come to me. When clients don’t want to use their own home (for the above reasons or for personal reasons), outdoors is always an option, but not in February in New England (brrrr!). So, for this North Shore newborn photography session, we opted to use a beautiful natural light studio. Thankfully, with the right direction and prompts, it’s still completely possible to capture the authentic connection shared between family members even in a studio.

When considering where you should have your newborn session, I suggest weighing your options. Your home will provide the most comfortable, authentic location for your lifestyle session. If you don’t think that’s suitable, we can definitely figure out an alternative!

Regardless of where you have your newborn session, if you’d like to make sure that your images are light and clean, I highly recommend making sure that you keep your outfits light, making use of pastels, creams, even whites, as this family did.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the images from this North Shore newborn photography session!

Detail image of newborn fingers gripping a parent's pointer finger

North Shore newborn sleeping peacefully in parent's arms

North Shore newborn snuggling into mother's chest with hand in front of face

North Shore Newborn Photography - Mother gazing down at newborn in her arms

Black and white image of a sleeping newborn grasping mother's pointer finger

North Shore newborn smiling at the camera

Close up image of newborn baby toes

Newborn Photography in the North Shore | Mother in long neutral dress standing and feeding a newborn baby a bottle while brother tickles baby's feet and sister looks on

Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for newborn photography in the North Shore (or anywhere in the vicinity!), MA, area, please visit my page to see more of my work here.

Mother gazing down at newborn in her arms

Newborn Photography in the North Shore, MA Area | Cozy Newborn Session

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