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As the temperatures start to dip, it’s time to find some indoor activities for your family. While Boston has no shortage of spots where you can go to stay warm, few places are as great for little ones as the LEGO Discovery Center. This colorful destination is part store, part attraction park, and all excitement. Whether your child is a mega fan of the mini bricks or just searching for the perfect activity for the winter days, I’m positive you’ll adore this magical place. Here’s everything you need to know for your LEGO Discovery Center in Boston adventure. 

About LEGO Discovery Center in Boston

For nearly a century, LEGO bricks have been giving children across the globe a fantastic way to put their imagination to work. Founded in 1932 by a Danish farmer, the LEGO company was originally used to help a family subsidize their losses following an economic crisis. The toys started as small wooden trinkets that other farmers would receive in exchange for their crops. Once plastic became available in Denmark following WWII, the company began to create the plastic interconnecting blocks we all know and love today. 

Over the years, the company has reinvented itself again and again, but it remains family-owned. In the 1960s, the toys made like The Beatles came to America, catching on with a similar fervor. The decade saw the introduction of LEGO trains, vehicles, DUPLO sets, and most importantly, the first ever LEGOLAND. Now, kids could hop on rides themed after their very favorite toys. These parks allowed children to take another step into the immersive world of LEGO and see the bricks in ways they had never thought imaginable. 

The LEGO Discovery Center in Boston is a miniature version of the larger LEGOLAND parks. You can ride on rides, make brand-new worlds, and shop for your very own sets to take home, all without ever leaving the building.

The center is located on the corner of Assembly Row and Artisan Way and has multiple parking options. A parking lot on Artisan Way offers free parking for the first 3 hours. If that lot is full, there’s plenty of street parking nearby. If you prefer public transit, the Orange Line T has a stop on Assembly Row. You can check it all out at 598 Assembly Row in Sommerville. 

Discover The Fun

While all ages will have an absolute blast at LEGO Discovery Center, the space is ideal for children ages 3-10. One of the most popular attractions is a ride called Kingdom Quest. The attraction invites adventurers at least 4’3” to hop onto a train and rescue a princess. You’ll be given a zapper to ward off the beasts and complete your journey. Following the ride, you can head to the Virtual Reality Experience, where you’ll get the thrills of racing your brick vehicle. Grab your friends and family and see who can win the championship. 

If rides aren’t your thing, you’ll have plenty of hands-on activities to keep you entertained. The Hero Zone is themed after the popular NINJAGO line and gives you exhilarating challenges that will keep you moving. From laser mazes to climbing walls, the center is full of options. There’s a soft play area where your little one can bounce around and release all their energy regardless of the outside temperatures. 

A toddler girl in pink plays in a garden with pink flowers before visiting lego discovery center boston

You can also build NINJAGO sets and create your own world. Younger builders will adore the DUPLO Park. This area has been designed for explorers ages five and under. There’s a dinosaur carousel, duck fishing, and even a construction wheel that lets your child find their next challenge. 

Apart from the main attractions, the park has other areas that will fill your day with fun. The Spaceship Build and Scan lets you create your own custom spaceship and then see it come to life through digital technology. The Build Adventures area is a playzone where you can build many creations and watch them take off. Some exhibits allow you to create your own mini-figures, check out different assembled LEGO sets, and participate in challenges created by other LEGO fans. And while you’re there, make sure to plan a meet-and-greet with some not-so-mini minifigures. 


The LEGO Discovery Center hosts regular events that will make it your family’s new favorite destination. During the holiday season, Santa and his elves completely transform the center. Your child can build ornaments, find missing elf minifigures, take themed classes, and get holiday pictures. 

While the center usually requires that adults come with a child for entry, during the Adult Nights, the parents get to run the place. During these evenings, only adults ages 18 and up can come and compete in building competitions, see a 4D movie, and complete challenges. These nights allow anyone of age to have an adult beverage or two if they’d like.

You’ll get the chance to refuel at the cafe throughout your visit. The area offers hot and cold drinks, lunches, and snacks. You’ll have the perfect place to take a break so you can tackle the rest of the area with renewed energy. 

LEGO Discovery Center has a store you can access even without a ticket. The shop offers tons of sets, including the DUPLO and NINJAGO collections. You can stop by and grab any replacement LEGO pieces and create your custom minifigure.  

LEGO Discovery Center Boston

As the weather’s getting colder, it’s the perfect time to try out some fabulous indoor activities around Boston. Check out LEGO Discovery Center in Boston for a fantastic adventure the next time you need a break from the house. 

Whether helping parents find their next destination or working with them to plan gorgeous portraits, I love being there for Boston families. As a mom myself, I know how important it is to document every wonderful moment of your child’s life. If you’ve been considering planning a session for your family, I would love to connect so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to find out more!

A toddler girl in pink plays in a garden with pink flowers before visiting lego discovery center boston

Explore Variety and Fun at LEGO Discovery Center Boston

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