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Framingham weather was about as dreary as it gets the day of this newborn session, but you’d never know it by looking through these photos captured in Nadia and Vinnie’s home. I met these two first-time parents at CrossFit Tilt in Sudbury before the pandemic began, and I found Nadia to be a natural encourager (and a beast at burpees) and Vinnie to be incredibly warm and hilarious. I still feel honored that they trusted me with their newborn photos.

Baby S was awake and alert for most of the first half of our session, and I just loved watching him meet the gaze of his loving mama and dad! Happily, he fell asleep just in time for his detail shots and family portraits. At the time of this session, Baby S was only 8 days old and was so small that his dad’s hand was larger than his little head. So, so precious.

I love every moment of working with new parents, but my favorite moment in this session is when I asked Vinnie to tell Nadia how he sees her differently in light of the past couple of weeks, and I could just feel the love and awe in his voice when he told her, “you are so strong.” Indeed, Nadia is a powerhouse. She shows such dedication to everything she does (which includes doing CrossFit, getting her doctorate at Harvard, and producing a podcast). Meanwhile, Vinnie serves others daily as an Orthodox priest. As the daughter of a pastor, I know how much self-sacrifice is required for that call. Baby S is so blessed to have such loving and dedicated parents, and it was a pleasure for me to witness their connection.

Please enjoy the images of this precious newborn and his family!

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Featured image: sleeping newborn baby snuggling into father's shoulder during a lifestyle newborn session in Framingham, MA

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