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Some babies come easily. Some babies don’t. If you’re looking into your options for Boston fertility clinics, I have you covered with the top 3.

Boston Fertility Clinics | Two images side-by-side: image one is a close up of the face of a sleeping baby wrapped tightly in a light pink swaddle; image two shows the lower half of newborn on mom's lap while she holds her newborn's feet

Top 3 Boston Fertility Clinics

Boston IVF

Boston IVF has dozens of locations across several states, but the offices are warm and the staff are empathetic. In Massachusetts alone, Boston IVF has 16 office locations, including 2 in Boston proper as well as Brookline, Cambridge, Framingham, Quincy, Worcester, and Worcester (and several other MA towns!). Each patient works with physicians to personalize a plan of care unique to their needs. It’s a highly recommended clinic in Boston-based mom groups.

The staff at Boston IVF is also renowned for excellence. Eight of its physicians were chosen as Top Doctors by Boston Magazine in the field of infertility in 2021. Several doctors at Boston IVF also teach at Harvard Medical School. Furthermore, their providers have published more than 500 pieces of peer-reviewed literature. On the forefront of their field and new and ever-evolving technology, Boston IVF offers access to several clinical trials to qualified patients.

Boston IVF also has a long track record of inclusivity. The doctors themselves are diverse in age, race, and orientation, and many of them have experienced infertility themselves. They were the first clinic in all of New England to help a lesbian couple get pregnant in 1986, as well as the first clinic in New England to assist a gay male couple with IVF in 1998. They also serve transgender patients.

Lastly, Boston IVF is the only area fertility center (that I’m aware of, anyway!) that offers its patients a dedicated on-site wellness center. Located at the Boston IVF Waltham site, the wellness center (also called the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health) offers a number of services, including mental health counseling, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and a 10-week mind/body group treatment program that has been shown in three randomized clinical trials to lower depression, anxiety and loneliness as well as double the pregnancy rate (!) of those who participate. The Domar center also offers support for those who have experienced pregnancy loss or long-term infertility. This holistic approach to supporting families truly makes Boston IVF stand out from other Boston fertility clinics.

Boston IVF Waltham | Two images side-by-side: Image one shows sleeping infant with face turned to the side so that the ear is in focus; image two shows a whole-body shot of the same sleeping infant wrapped tightly in a pink swaddle on a soft white and grey rug

CCRM Boston

The second Boston fertility clinic on this list is CCRM Fertility. Its primary campus, CCRM Boston, is actually located in Chestnut Hill. Its other Massachusetts locations are in Framingham and Weymouth.

One of the things that stands out most about CCRM Boston is its high live birth rate, which is well above the national average according to SART reports (SART is the is the organization that dictates standards of care for infertility centers as well as the organization to which fertility clinics submit their data). This is in part due to its state-of-the-art IVF and CCM (comprehensive chromosomal screening) labs. CCRM’s average for IVF cycles before getting pregnant is 1.2, which is 25% lower than the national average of 1.6.

As one would expect from a good fertility center, CCRM offers many fertility services, including egg and sperm freezing and LGBTQ family building. They also offer an exclusive fertility suplement, CCRM Açai.

CCRM Boston | Two black and white images side-by-side: first image is a close up of sleeping newborn's face; second image shows a mother's hand holding newborn baby's foot

MGH Fertility Center

MGH Fertility Center is located right in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital. At the time of this writing, it does not have multiple locations, so take that into account if you’re not nearby, as you will be going in frequently for labs and tests if you are pursuing IVF.

As part of a large teaching hospital (the largest hospital associated with Harvard Medical School), MGH Fertility Center offers patients (if they qualify) access to clinical trials testing new and evolving clinical technology. MGH is also home to the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology, comprised of many clinical researchers who study infertility, aging, and ovarian cancer. Patients can rest assured that the clinicians who see them at the fertility center are versed in the most up-to-date research on fertility-related issues and treatments.

That’s a wrap on the top 3 Boston fertility clinics. I know that there are several reasons that people look into IVF—from fertility struggles to starting a nontraditional family. Whatever your situation is, I wish you the best on your journey to parenthood. When you are ready to celebrate your pregnancy or the birth of your child, I’d love the opportunity to serve you with a maternity and/or newborn photography session! Please feel free to look at more of my work here and here.

MGH Fertility Center | Closeup detail of newborn lips and nose

Boston Fertility Clinics | Close up of the face of a sleeping baby wrapped tightly in a light pink swaddle

Boston Fertility Clinics – The Top 3 IVF Clinics

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